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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

over fourteen years ago

Following a week of feeling brain dead and doing
everything at a snail\'s pace and not being able
to be too much around others this morning I
woke in joy and lightness and felt as though
something heavy has been lifted off me.
When meditating recently I was
told - had the knowing- that I am not thinking
or hoping or imagining big enough- too tied
into daily worldly worries- and I was in the
\' mind room \' of the city of light and someone
opened a hatch and said to go through and
grow my vision from there- increase my imagination
as it is so important we imagine \' big\' . I went
through and was out in space - and started
enjoying bouncing around and looking around.

Sky - I couldn\'t find your photos on u tube-
are they at montanasky? Or magenta pixie by and chance ?

over fourteen years ago

Lani ~ that is a great explanation as to what I\'ve been feeling and experiencing as well. thank you for this message as well, it so snugly fits into where my mind is at. I appreciate these messages Lani, and I appreciate that they are weekly - and I have to say I\'ve never seen time fly by this fast :) and I always look forward to reading your weekly message. Thank you.

MontanaNightSky at youtube will get you there.

deep peace to you

over fourteen years ago

Hi everyone. I was at Taupo again Fri/Sat/Sun 9/10/11 April. The energy above and through Lake Taupo is strong. While looking into it a ruby coloured sphere of light came into my vision, drawing me into it. It changed in intensity to allow me to see within it what appeared to be a control room or central processing area with several beings there. I was told that this energy centre is strong enough to completely cover a large area within a protective dome, even extending to both sides of the North Island. Even now its influence extends that far. There is certainly a strong presence. Many people are drawn to Lake Taupo seemingly for various sporting activities - yet, is that all ??? I have come away refreshed, nourished and inspired.

over fourteen years ago

Hi all- I passed through taupo twice over the past 2 weekends. Yes it is exceptionally beautiful energy - the whole area- kind of open and expansive and serenely strong if that makes sense. There also feels like a lot of suspense there- anticipation - like it is the time before an exciting event. I have felt wonder and excitement and joy in the energy. But only able to stop for 30 minutes at a time. Yes Lani - am sure it is more that marathons and triathalons.

Another experience- I have woken from a dream seeing a huge intense light beam- like a very large miner\'s lamp- that I think is emanating from my third eye now. It has been set in place. Guess this means preparation for shining a light for others? Love to everyone.

over fourteen years ago

Lionheart - meant to say how much I love the energy and words in your poems- wow!

over fourteen years ago

Hi everybody. This week, since message #524, I have been feeling waves of gratitude and love welling up in me. Have been aware of going with Orem, or just being lifted up as I am going to sleep and having deep sleep, all night. Also a sense of downloading information into me and processing this. Seeing a diamond shape within my mind and chest, and being aware that I have been somewhere else at times during the day. You probably have been experiencing all this too, and more :)

over fourteen years ago

I have just read message 520 and it vibrated my human vessel and resonated with my heart. I am beginning to become aware of my vastness and potential especially in my dream states, I am feeling so empowered and know that I need to access my inner gifts to enhance my ability as regards my service at this most profound time.

Majestic as the stars appear
It comforts me to know you\\\\\\\'re near
To me you are my shooting star
Within my heart you\\\\\\\'re never far
For in our dreams we know our fate
But in our lives we close the gate
In my dreams you\\\\\\\'re always near
Alas to hope that you were here
As twilight dwindles in the night
I feel you shine your gentle light
Sheltered hearts and shattered tears
I have searched for you for years
Lonely beacon in the night
Cast no shadow on my plight
Hallowed be my tears of pain
I bask among the etheric plane
Within your presence I feel so whole
For you\\\\\\\'re the light within my soul
Now fragrant blossoms fill the air
And willows weep without a care
My dreams of you ignite my fire
And fuel the thoughts of my desire

over fourteen years ago

I think I\'ll leave my body and fly just like a balloon,
And hide from worldly worries on the dark side of the moon,
But there\'s one thing that I need before I float off in the blue,
I need a sky companion and I want it to be you,
We\'ll fly beyond the storm clouds and watch from up above,
Then glide right through a rainbow and feel each others love,
You\'ll shower in the stars at night in a special place,
I\'ll dry you with a comets tail and gently kiss your face,
Lucid shifting landscapes changing everyday,
We\'ll hug and spin together across the Milky Way,
The Moon will wane before us hung in heavens height,
For there\'s nothing that can challenge our spirits endless flight,
Venus shines upon us beaming her devotion,
Our dreamy drifting dalliance in nights celestial ocean,
I\'ll write you lovers poetry and you shall be my muse,
Andromeda and Orion will oversee our cruise,
We\'ll sleep with clouds as pillows and borrow angels wings,
Then fly like magic lovebirds and slide round Saturn\'s rings,
And should we tire of drifting with the stars all floating by,
We\'ll hook on to a meteor and soar across the sky,
Please take my hand come fly with me we\'re headed past the Sun,
We\'re flying till we find the place were two souls merge as one.

over fourteen years ago

Your lovely words take my breath away!
Soaring here as well now

Thank YOU, Lionhearted One!

over fourteen years ago

O mi gosh Myrtle, I also was at Lake Taupo this last weekend, paddling in the lake, not fully immersed, and returning Monday. Fantastic instruction for you. Sunday in particular I was drawn to draw in the energy over the whole area, was staying at Acacia Bay, and I was pouring out much gratitude and love everywhere.
Your teaching re different fingers is familiar to me, similar came through last year sometime.
PS I wonder whether there is a limit on the posting :)

over fourteen years ago

Thank you for sharing Myrtle. I have used various types of finger healing over the years as well - always following the impulse in what to do next.

I\'ve noticed this past week, several times I\'ve been running energy into my body. The energy is very different, and at times there are multitudes of very thin \'rods\' that penetrate areas....and always, i hear the word \'balance\' and i find myself saying \'balance\' and \'thank you\' and the energy goes about it\'s business. I also sense there is something new about this energy.

As always, I thank Lani for sharing this message with us. The messages always contain additional information that plug in perfectly with the process i find myself in, as well as all of us.

deep peace

over fourteen years ago

Great to get confirmation from you both about the fingers as tools for energy work. And being at Lake Taupo at the same time Lani!

Today in my meditation I was shown to hold the globe of the earth in the palms of my hands and with a heart of love flow the fire energy from the loving heart down into my fingers and bring it to the planet earth - I moved it around in my palms and with my fingers covered every continent and the oceans with this fire energy- especially the Pacific. I understood that the more fire energy is transmitted to the earth by lightworkers and people in service then the less violent the pending earth changes need to be. The fire of love on the surface of planet earth needs to match the fire underneath to create perfect balance. I think ascension has something to do with that.

I also finally made contact with the City of Light nearest to where I live - the golden city in the Hauraki Gulf. Up to then I had only got inside the front door and taken 2 geometric shapes. Today when I spread out the yellow haze I got straight through to the \'mind\' room in the city - where mind energies operate from. It had a reasonably low ceiling and was large and triangular - a tremendously clear fine far reaching and powerful energy in there- and I was told I can connect in with it at any time - so long as I am on my path - I can connect into the energy and it will assist my mental thinking processes and stimulate creative thinking.

Apparently the regions of the world all have different functions in ascension and the cities of light consequently have different functions too. I saw in some parts of Asia the functions are to be still and hold various energies in place. That is where there are lots of people practised in meditation who can do this. In Auckland - it is creative energy that is needed. The yellow energy has a hint of mustard in it- and that is for energising; activating and getting people woken up.

I finally understood my shapes and what they represented in my life purpose - it was very helpful.

Love to everyone out there - especially those who keep the faith despite the difficulties they may be experiencing in their daily earth life. It has been a very rocky 5 months for me ...hopefully I am coming out of if.

over fourteen years ago

Hello to everyone in early autumn for this hemisphere and eary spring for the north. The messages continue to be very meaningful to me and I have a sense of being restructured in my body on and off all the time now. When I was swimming in Lake Taupo this last weekend I felt I was engulfed in this enormous alive power - the water there and it was also changing me.

I want to share some information I had from my meditations this morning and tonight. I set my intention as asking how to be more of service to humankind and Gaia (mother earth) - especially during the coming earth changes.

I was told it is time to use my hands and fingers more often to direct positive energy to people and places which need it - and that it was time to learn when to use each finger (they each have a different conduction) and how much pressure to apply when you touch someone to transfer energy to them. I was guided to give a relative who is unwell subtle touches under his sleeping body with just my third fingers on each hand to start a process of white chrystaline energy gently moving through his body. Then I was guided to a child I knew and this time my index fingers on both hands touched the cheeks of his face with a little more pressure but still gentle and with black carbon which I understood was to draw out the negative forces that he has absorbed living with an abusive parent.

I wsa shown that when you are directing energy to a person or group of people or place there is a science in how close the palms of your hands need to be in different situations- but thumbs always have to be facing up to sky and palms parallel. This is knowledge I have and if i focus on it in my consciousness the knowledge and instinct will come back to me as to how to do all this healing, helping energy direction.

Then I was shown that I could also use fire energy - this comes from the heart - when the heart is pure love fire energy flows out with the person\'s intention to bring it forth - and flows into arms and hands and out through the fingers. You use this energy when you want to \'fire up\' a person or place. That is - when they need to feel a bit more alive or courageous you can help by sending fire energy.
Finally I saw molten rocks inside the earth and they each have a conscience and each one knows what its role is to be with the earth changes. There has been such careful planning - they were all divided into areas and every red rock and piece of molten rock knew where it fitted in and what they had to do when the time came- some would drop down so others could move forward and upwards - they knew the angles they would propel at and the directions. I go the understanding that it is all planned already and they are waiting for the signal.

swam in Lake Taupo this weekend I felt