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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

Rita Federico
almost nine years ago

Thank you for this most recent transmission. One aspect of it's expansiveness is this wonderful suggestion regarding food that we consume. It occurred to me that when I prepare food for myself, my dog Alfie, or others, I may enhance the vibratory level of the food through my frequency, thus offering myself and others a higher frequency level in the food and then our contribution to the Earth's grid becomes enhanced. It is a great way to be conscious over food. Thank you with all my Heart.

over nine years ago

Wow, this was great (3/20/14, #716), the part you highlighted in your email and the part just following was sooooooooo interesting. Some great synchronicities in here as is usual. Also the part where Ulea mentions enhancing the plants, I almost forgot until I read it, but several days ago, perhaps last weekend I was imaging how plants could shine out beautiful colored light with their blooms and leaves and stalks and trunks, then I realized they probably already do that but we don't see it. : ) Thank you so much for these transmissions; Rita is correct, they are a great gift. Thank you.
Now I just went back to 714 as I had missed that one, and you're right, another really powerful one. I am just recently getting really good at automatically putting out how I'd like things to be when confronted with the "ugly" instead of getting annoyed with how they appear to be now, and I make this into a kind of game. I would say that's definitely an enhancement for me.

Rita Federico
over nine years ago

I simply want to say that I have been gifted, in so many ways, with the Omega transmissions. All of this Earthly life, I have asked myself the question: who am I? I always thought I was seeking to know my personality and character better. But now, because of the work that Lani does, I have found my identity. It is my energy system and now I am learning to honor it, offer it, and nurture it. How exciting it is to know my originality in this way. Thank you.

over nine years ago

Thank you so much Rita for your testimony. What is really amazing to me is that we all draw through the information and energy we need! I feel myself changing all the time through bringing through the transmissions.
Issue 714 is especially deep, even I have difficulty absorbing and remembering it! Love to all xxxx :)