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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

ten and a half years ago

"..... you may feel this in an aspect of your
central core contained within the presence of your
supporting spinal connections. There is an aspect
there which anchors the inflow of this energy..."

I felt this on the left side of my spine at waist level as a small silver ball of light. A group member present related it to the kundalini energy [I have not studied this]

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Sky Pedersen
ten and a half years ago

Wow Lani ~ I always look forward to your weekly messages. This last one was an experience like i've never had before! It took me 4 DAYS to complete reading that particular message. I have been working with light beings that are connected to the Star Elders (not quite sure what the connection is yet, but I have always deeply resonated with your messages). I began communicating with them in 1994. They became visual through my photography in 2005. I've been guided to birth 'pods' which contain a collage of photos of their essences. I recently became reunited with my pods a month ago. I was sitting in my office reading your latest message and the pod reached out & touched me. (as they will do, but I haven't experienced in quite some time). The heart connection was intense & very cellular. To explain further would be quite lengthy as this experience unraveled over the 4 days. The pods/frequencies/intelligences are prolific in orchestration catalyzations. In that instant of cellular recalibration, I have shifted profoundly. I have never had such a meld of another's message with my own podular experience. Profound doesn't even touch it. Ever since, I have a focus on my work at this point which involves birthing a new website with the photography & videos on it & resuming my own writings. Making a longer story short, fully catalyzed. When we are touched by these orchestrations (no matter the source) we are changed forever and it feels like it has ALL moved up to a higher level. Your message enveloped me as I read. Sometimes so much profound multi-leveled messages/understandings, that i had to put the pages down and walk away to integrate. I am sure that the cellular experience (at least the way it was presented) required that particular message. It's exciting and so very welcome.

In my channelings over these many years, they term 'vectoring' as a description of what they were sharing about the creative freqeuncies affecting those in our daily parameters. My recognition of what they share (usually) correlates with information that came through over the years and many times there is a validation for me, or a further understanding. I love the magic.

Thank you Lani for all that you share with us and for being such a bright light on this planet.