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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

eleven and a half years ago

Hi All
Just thought I wd check in- have had some down time and tuning into what is happenning energetically- have had images of my head being packed with quartz crystals - in the shape of a crown- double layered in width and depth. Mostly amethyst. The majority are stacked around front of head- just like a traditional crown in shape- and I have a knowing the purpose is to help me connect in and pick up messages from source- the top of crown at front is very tall - jagged- a transmitter crystal- for receiving on high and traansmitting to my fellow humans.

Also crystaline energy around top and bottom ring of teeth and gums and a diamond shape of smaller crystals around throat chakre.

So I do feel I am being prepared for tuning to a much different more powerful frequency...Also with that has come a lot of breakthrough fragments of images - such as seeing for a few seconds-,an elephant lifting it's foot in flood waters.Also the energy vibration of a huge old pine tree which was very fine individuated orange coloured vibrating energy- I sensed it when I put both hands on the trunk.

So it really does feel like we are in preparation for something very new very soon. Love to hear of other's experiences??? Love to All Myrtle.

eleven and a half years ago

I am aware of the chrystalline / krystalline energy grid / matrix now strongly in our energy field and overlaying everything.

I see us all connected into this grid. On some conscious level we are all aware of this.

Taking minerals into our bodies does help. Many minerals are crystal-like in structure, [as far as I am aware].

Have you noticed yourself speeding up? Filled with ideas and when you focus on something it comes to fruition?

More will probably come through in the next transmission. #651.

With Love and light energy, Lani