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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

Discussion - July

Jul 26, 2012

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almost twelve years ago

I just have to share this -
This morning drawn into our Station into a large gathering with the Council of Light, Star Elders, Commanders, the Earth team [us].
A greater light energy comes down into the centre of us and up and over, forming a sphere around us.
A sense of traveling - to another universe - another timeline.
We collect into us a different code/energy and bring it back to our own Station.
It felt like a boost to speed up our evolvement.
Its a different energy and awareness.
Those of us, the Earth Team - will bring it into action and those on the Station will be coordinating it.

over twelve years ago

Hi All- again this weeks message seemed so relevant and appropriate to what is happening in my life.... ended up in two leadership positions this week and felt I was carrying the energy with me and when I spoke it was touching the hearts and minds of those listening and had energy codes that were awakening and activating the new energy and new perspectives in them. I got feedback that confirmed it had impacted a lot of people at a heart level.

Also was a week with a huge amount of pressure but I just saw myself as though in the fast flow of a river - floating and letting myself be carried along. Kept surrendering and trusting that I could do all i had to do- and would float around or over all obstacles. So time of rapid happenings for me. Love to all my fellow travellers and voyagers and all strength to you as you carry the new energy forward in your own way. Myrtle.

over twelve years ago

Wow, loving these last 2 issues - especially the one before this one, 632. So many ringing bells, like coming face to face with certain aspects, the energy bonds, the importance of the body(ies), there being yet another level, and getting to a point of releasing certain aspects. Loved the part about how we're more focused on how it "should be" as opposed to how it may appear (and the related fear that's usually attached to that for many). Also interesting to note that I was having stomach issues all last week.

I'm often reminded of dreams I've had when reading these, and that was the case again with this current issue 633 about the bright light. I have come face to face with that as well, even more so than certain aspects I'd say, in a lucid dream I had some time ago. The light was blinding to say the least!!

As always, thanks Lani.

over twelve years ago

This message is very deep! In the group we felt held in the middle of a unified [?] universal space, and I loved the deep cleansing of it.

I had the impression that many of us had in earlier times of this lifetime a message of some sort that indicated our purpose. Mine was when I was about 7 yrs old and my recall of it was a Being giving me two streams of information. this recall recurs periodically and again now, so I will be giving it some attention, but basically it is to do with what I am bringing through now.
Love and light

over twelve years ago

Hello All

This message gave me many vivid images ---- first I saw myself as a block of very strong powerful light and then I was drawn away from my light and saw that I was simply a join in a huge net- like an old fashioned fishing net- at every join there was a beautiful sparky light- almost like a star- and I was one- this was the grid. It was infinite and spread across the darkness of space. Then when the message talked of other dimensions I saw heaps of non symmetrical red and blue pencil lines. - contacting the grid in all sorts of places - passing energy into it.

Just before talk of stages of evolution my human body shape had morphed into a playful fish type shape.

I am really hoping to pick up some more information over the next few days about my purpose- all I could see was it being a lighthouse and place in the grid- a bit more detail would help me at the moment.

Lots of love to all.