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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost fifteen years ago

Myrtle, thank you for the acknowledgement - tears of joy came up. Seeing the energy with the words is wonderful. You will also notice very neg. word and action by others and realise that you are living in a different level of existence.

almost fifteen years ago

Hello to you beautiful people.
This latest issue has expanded me with an even greater sense of eagerly moving forward with the whole of my being. Joy!

My email notices to people using hotmail are being blocked as suspected spam but by now I am sure everyone knows to check the website every week.

almost fifteen years ago

When I listened to the message this time = and they started talking about words and thoughts- I saw in my mind am image of a line of words and thoughts (expressed in words) - and the bottom half of the words and thoughts are made of white light and I understood that now the thoughts and words have a lot of energy attached to them and they lift my thinking,lift my consciousness and help move me into a highler level of thinking and being - they stop the drag of negative thoughts and worries that often happens. I have noticed how I have found it a lot easier this week to stay positive in my thinking - despite all the little daily hassles and stresses. And there is a quality about my worries - I just know they arent that deep or serious (I might have thought they were a year ago). I kind of have this knowing all the time now that this life is not all there is - jut a dot in infinity. And the words we speak and thoughts we make are what makes the difference. We have to really watch out for the negative in what we say or think - and stop it in its tracks every time of the day or night.

Take care all you brothers and sisters out there.

These communications through Lani have been a big part of these changes I feel in me. Thanks Lani. There is powerful stuff coming from your words!