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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost fourteen years ago

Myrtle good on you for following that inner guidance so well. The bigger dynamo will probably last longer when it gets recharged :)
I have missed your clear and interesting experiences!

At this moment I have the sense of energy waves I am expressing to everyone who is wanting clear energy, connection and upliftment.

With you all in It, Lani

over fourteen years ago

Hi all - just sharing that following the sudden lifting of
the sorrow and depression mantle last week
I have had huge energy and been doing lots
of cleaning, reorganizing clothes, work books etc to make life simpler and things to run smoother. Sorted out things
thar have been waiting for sorting these last 3 or so years.
Wonderful to feel the flow of energy through me.

Love to everyone - I put you all in my meditations.

over fourteen years ago

Hi Lani - Once again I\'m struck by the timeliness of this session (536) and also that you noted session 532A of the Star Elders which I had not yet read. The issues discussed there about not being distracted by \"the uprisings\" is the exact issue that I\'ve been dealing with for the past couples weeks, especially this week, when it did suddenly click for me (several more pieces of the puzzle were placed) and just this morning on the subway ride to work I was reminded of how much better things would be if all were working toward the same goal. But for me, the don\'t get distracted part is of the utmost importance. I thank you again. It\'s so important (for me right now) to find this kind of validation \"outside\" of my own personal arena. Have a wonderful light-filled weekend, Lani, and everyone else tuning in.

almost fourteen years ago

Omega entry 310710

Greetings to Lani and everyone of us tuning in and consciously on our paths.
I thought I would share some of my recent experiences and love to hear any of yours. These are about images that have come to me that have guided and explained things to me. 
Like you Mel I often feel the readings are just for me.
My loved one\\\'s health is stable again now which is great news but feelings of sorrow and depression (as well as elation) had been lingering long after the good test results. A couple of weeks later I woke from a dream with an ambulance siren wailing and flashing and me in a panic of fear and grief and terror about the life crisis for my loved one.  But then i noticed the lamp on top of the ambulance was different and was the most brilliant white beam and In an instant I 
understood this ongoing health crisis is Source\\\'s beacon to me- it has bought me to my spiritual awakening. It is a thing of joy and power and wonder and for my loved one it has done the same.  I kind of knew all that anyway-but humbling  to have it shown to me so clearly in the image. 
I have also seen an
Image in a meditation  of my spiritual development in the image of a dynamo. About 12 years ago I saw myself as a dynamo- energy was being recycled- I had a good system going of knowing how to maintain the input and output. Was a bit like one of those old bicycle lights. Recently in a meditation I saw a new dynamo- was much much larger and more complex and had huge power base.  I understod i have grown a lot! 
I do not feel  physically strong and powerful all the time though I have felt a lot of energy rushing through me and more vital than I have been before.   
Finally I have lots of messages about the importance of eating raw foods and mostly a diet of vegetables and fruit and seeds and nuts and pure water. I was standing under a tree three years ago and felt water energy talking to me- never felt it before but knew what it was. To my amazement it wanted a rainwater tank to go under the tree-when i called the plumber to talk about it he said I might as was well have the largest tank and be completely self sufficient. So I did it- had to learn about filters etc as I live in the city- felt resentful often on and off that I have this huge tank in the smallish city garden- but it has made a huge difference to how I feel- drinking pure rainwater and showering in it and washing clothes in it. So I am letting my self be guided by spirit more and more and trusting it- but I need time on my own every few days now- to be still and tuned in.
Love to all on your journey. Myrtle.   

over fourteen years ago

Dear Lani & All ~ incredible message and I thank you for sharing it with us. So many pieces to the puzzle of this process have been answered. I identify with Myrtle\'s last response. The energies have been intense, beyond intense recently and am grateful for a repreive here, short as it may be. I can feel my cells\' excitement and am ready to move forward once again. and for that, I thank you again Lani.