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Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

over fourteen years ago

Hi Sky, Lani and All.
So good to hear of your experience Sky - the breakthrough - and then waiting for the fog to clear. Yes I am sure these energy messages really hit the vibrational blocks in us- I have had some bad days since I last wrote - flat, depressed hopeless but feel things might be lifting. I saw my heart this morning - it has been strengthened a lot from the energy work... I was thinking ok - there will be no sorrow anymore but then I was shown these 2 open pipes coming out of it - permanently built into the new strong heart that I have and I understood that sorrow wont go with the new me but it will be able to release and drain away out of these pipes easily. The new functioning heart will still inevitably feel sorrow - but it can release it easily.

I also had a couple of days recently where i have had flashes of seeing hollow white tubes of vivid white light forming on each side of my body centre - I was a bit taken aback that they werent centred down the middle - that seemed strange. Then when meditating with a friend she told me later that said she had seen intense balls of light in my shoulder blade area and thought small wings might be developing there. Are we turning into angels?????
In love to all and hoping that we get through the pain of all the shake ups into a steady state of openness and positivity and readiness for our service. Thanks Lani.

over fourteen years ago

Myrtle, I celebrate the You now present! The last 1-2 weeks I have found myself saying \"I have decided I am ...\" this coming after a time of seemingly standing still, despite the energy coming through to us, and I feel positive too. In a recent dream I saw myself in the \'cockpit\' of a vehicle out in space, in command and that part of me is there.

over fourteen years ago

Hi Myrtle & All - I\'m still waiting for the fog to lift :) I had a HUGE breakthrough a few weeks back and Lani\'s messages have been very insightful& helpful in the process. I am still working through the process, but the information that has finally surfaced after 45 years was one of the largest realizations (regarding my family) that I\'ve had. Finally truth after all
these years. I\'m still peeling off the layers as they present themselves. I too have had flashes on \'ship life\'and cockpits.
deep peace

over fourteen years ago

Oh yes Myrtle, I know exactly what you are experiencing; so good to know the emotion is being cleared from your grid on all levels, and as was said, it does come with the extra that we will be clear to be more of our Self. It will happen in the \"right time\" of course. Take care. Wrap your arms around yourself and love You. Blessings.

over fourteen years ago

I thought I would report in this week as there have been further developments. I have been feeling pretty heavy and pressured all over - thinking when is it going to lift. Well about 4 days after my meditation with my aunt and mother mary of sorrows I was having a massage from a friend - right at the end she was squeezing my toes and I suddently saw and felt sheets of while light coming into my body from my toes very rapidly. I nearly cheered. Felt lighter and jouyous. In m meditations since then I have felt a real spaciousness and easiness - things are not closing in but a long way out. I have consciously worked on opening my heart and radiating love and it is wonderful what a change can happen to me energetically. I feel clear and energised. Light in mood and positive - none of which I have felt for 3 months now. I still can swing back - I am not in a permanent state but I think I am on the upward spiral.
Thank you Lani and love to everyone reading this.

over fourteen years ago

I can only hang on to the words above!
Thank You for this! :)

Pearley Sky
over fourteen years ago

Thank you Lani for sharing this message with us. these reconnections are very powerful and i look forward to them weekly.
thank you for all that you do

over fourteen years ago

Well I took comfort from the words about us being
shaken up and coming to realise things are not
valuable . It has continued to be a very hard time
for me...I finally got a perspective on it a couple
of days ago- the morning of the transmission 514.

This overwhelming sorrow, despair, heaviness
and depression was being shaken out of me-
it was an energy I have always had iny system
( triggered by crisis events in both childhood
and adolescence and adulthood).
In a meditation on the beach on thursday morning
an aunt appeared who had recently died.
She lost both her children in her life- one at 5
and one at 15. After that she had been quite
a difficult person in the family with a reputation
for making trouble. She was standing next to the
mother Mary of sorrows- Mary who holds the
sorrows of the world and eases the load for individual
people who have huge sorrow. She has appeared
to me in a very hard time many years ago telling
me to hand my sorrow to her and she would
hold them for me- to lighten me as i went about
my living . Well there they were telling me that
if I wanted I could have the vibration/ energy
of sorrow removed from my body system.

Earlier that morning as I walked along the beach
before meditation I had been desperately unhappy
with grief and depression. I was cursing and feeling
so upset and despairing that it had come back
to haunt me when i thought I had been doing
so well to leave it behind. My aunt explained that
she was mow working with mother Mary to help remove
the energy of sorrow from those ready and willing to
have it removed. She said that all her trouble making
was because of her great losses- sorrow of loss
of her children. She said she had an understanding
of me as that is the source of much of my sorrow also.

They invited me to undergo a process of removal
of the sorrow vibration- and I consented to it - after first
being clear about what I would be giving up by
releasing it-ie sorrow allows me to stay in the shadows
often- if it is not in me-I won\'t have that excuse. I will
br propelled into a more public position. Well I
agreed to this and they removed a large 3 d
grid - that was like a piece of loosely woven cloth
covered in linament. Then I lay down and lavender
was put over my third eye. After a while yellow
and orange colours were painted onto my body
to be slowly absorbed(their vibration that is).

Since then I have felt this sorrow and depression
in waves very intensely - and I understand it us part
of the shakeup - the removal from all layers of my body
system. It was reassuring to read the message and
have it confirmed that work is being done.

But it is very hard work- I have not liked going back
to those places- however I have faith that it us a
temporary return to difficulties - for a huger purpose-
that is to become a greater body of light and love -
and for that to happen the lower vibrations need to
be cleared from my system. So I look forward to some
increased joy and lightness soon. I hope this all makes
sense to someone. Love and blessings to all.xxxx

over fourteen years ago

The connection into the universal energy grid / matrix comes through very strongly in this message and there must be a need in the world for the reminder to be given to hold positive thoughts for the creation process.

May your Heart be filled with Joy
May your Mind be at Peace
May there be Sparkling Starlight in your eyes
as you create your world in 2010.

With love to you all.

over fourteen years ago

Thank you for this message Lani. I\\\'ve been busy putting together a new video for a 1.01.10 global video meditation. There were some very helpful insights in your message and i know i have to shift my thinking. I run more on an experiencial level, but i can\\\'t create anything new in my life without the \\\'thought\\\' and so i appreciate the reminder.

If you\\\'d like to participate in the global mediation tomorrow at 1:11 p.m., please see:

Thank you once again Lani, your messages always feel like Christmas to me :)
deep peace to you

over fourteen years ago

The message is very timely as I have felt the
connections to the non physical human
dimension to be very weak this last month - have
had so much insomnia, tiredness, exhaustion
lack of faith and belief, aching body, demoralized
but tonight I remembered I had been feeling
infinitely stronger and clearer - those are the
thoughts I wil hold - that I am
powerful rather than powerless. Happy new year to all.