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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

over nine years ago

Issue 693 - did you feel the presence of other Light Beings come forward during the process of more clearance and activation of the new codes - for healing? I did upon listening to it today. Amazing! There is chat on the internet about space ships accompanying the comet soon to be visible to us - perhaps this is it?

There has been a big shift in Creative energy - some days I have been buzzing with energy, and awake during the night, last evening I worked the two stress release points - in the hollow below the collar bone - that helped clear and adjust.

love and upliftment to you all.

over nine years ago

Yes it is comforting Myrtle. I love how you have come forward to share this. Many people wonder why they are so different - if only everyone could get a personal message like you have received - mind you, that is because you took the time to tune in. :)

Gratitude, and appreciation continue to come through in the messages as so very important. I have printed a sign which I have by my pc "I am Grateful. I Appreciate. Thank you"- just to keep reminding me !

over nine years ago

Hello All
This message was very comforting to me. I had spent several weeks regretting the choices I have made in life and grieving about always feeling an outsider.....I knew it was stupid but the little voice in my head just kept going-on-beating myself up and not liking myself-going over all the 'mistakes' I have made
After listening to this message I woke in the night and was on the ship/city of light-in a dark room and there was a bank of moist alive brown earth with some greenery in it -transplanted there to keep alive the earth energy while away from earth-and mother Mary was there and she told me that every choice I had made in this incarnation has been right as I came in to complete a task ans had not strayed from the path-even if I had not remembered the task -they were impressed by how little I had strayed from the path...followed it closely....every turn being a deliberate one that was part of learning for my role. She said some completely forget and go a long way off the path and they worry that they won't get back on track and some don't as they have gone so far they can't find the way back to the path.....but They marveled at how on track I have been.
She said I have come to be part of the energy movement that brings the divine feminine into its full and leading power on the planet-she is the mother, she radiates compassion and love...restoring her is an essential part of the new I am to honor the mother in embody love and compassion for is an unstoppable and motivating force for others touched by it -it stirs in them the memory of their own divine feminine -long lost-and aides them to bring it forward. So I am back in a state of gratitude for all I have and acceptance of my life path which has been hard -very hard in places-and strewn with lessons.....but which is coming into its own to everyone on your path....myrtle.