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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost twelve years ago

Yes, Myrtle definitely sounds like Orem and those on the vessel stationed close to Earth. They have never said who they are! Thanks for the link, I shall have to read that book too.

almost twelve years ago

Hi All
A couple of weeks ago I felt this urge to type 'Arcturian' into the message search bar of google. I got into websites channelling information from star beings and very quickly clicked links to 2 channelled books that I ordered through Amazon.
Well what a revelation - these beings on a spaceship by earth in another dimension have been here for 20 plus years helping the earth move from duality in the third dimension to living in oneness in the fifth dimension. They say they are taking us up in our light bodies to special rooms in their ship to help us restructure to cope with the increased vibration that is coming as earth changes to the fifth dimension.

As I was reading the book I recalled an image I had when listening to one of Lani's messages- when I was lying flat in a special light vibration room being elevated to a particular level in the room and then bought down. Also what they say of what is needed of light workers now- to carry increased light which touches other people- I have had that message from lani and for years in my own meditations. So this is the group I have been communicating with personally and am thinking they may be the group you are bringing us to Lani? One of the books is We the arcturians channelled by Dr Norma Milanovich. Don't have other with me at moment.

almost twelve years ago

The pressures on us seem very strong this week. I am hearing of people with 'headaches', emotional stuff going on and being extra tired. Hold on there, we are nearly through this phase. Keep a positive outlook and do all those things which make you feel good. Bring yourself back to balance with the point of origin as a focal point.
With love, Lani

almost twelve years ago

Very well said Bibi and thank you to Lani....such a profound experience i have reading your messages....and they are right...this one was different. I downloaded the mp3 version to listen to when i'm walking and i printed off the text version as well. When i listen to the mp3, i hear things i didn't get reading it and when i read it, i get things i didn't get listening to the mp3. The magic is certainly intensifying with your messages. I so fully resonate with them.

almost twelve years ago

That is an awesome experience, Bibi. So vivid and clear. When I am delivering the message I often see / sense deep colours and as we discussed after last night's message, just a few words contains a vast dimension of experience.
thanks for sharing.

almost twelve years ago

How wonderful to connect here! I've been - consciously - listening to these messages since July. There is a deep remembrance that radiates increasingly each time I enter the collective space. In the intervals between the transmissions, I'm observing the increasing awareness of the Light Energy as it unfolds in this life of mine here in Southern California.

When I awoke this morning, the image of a light form moving within the cosmos propelled me directly to my laptop to find the message and listen. Oh Lani, so very, very powerful! I could see two beautiful and very large almond shaped eyes within my head's inner space. And then I was experiencing being within the glowing light form and traversing wide swaths of different dimensional frequencies. A sojourn of scintillating brilliant points, spheres, arcs, and angular shapes that I've no name for. I realized that this light form that held me within could be navigated with my thoughts/intentions. My very own Crystalline Light Ship!!! And then I was back with the Collective that I feel I know very, very well. Thank you Lani for your impeccable clarity, dedication, and Love. And thank you also to everyone who is on this marvelous journey!

In spinning radiance, Bibi