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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

thirteen and a half years ago

Dear Lani,

I am so grateful for these transmissions you bring through which week by week reflect my personal experience which I've again begun sharing at

Thank you Beloved,


two horses
thirteen and a half years ago

Hello Lani,

I don't usually post comments but after a conversation with a Lakota Sioux elder about the little people I wrote something that I will share. what the link is to the messages is for each to discover.


Crickets creaking
Sneaking under meadows
Little people giggle and giggle
Origins long forgotten
Badger playing in dust
Banks so low
Shadows began to glow
Sunset near
Only a fear repels
The spirit of the little ones
Unclear their trace
Dancing out of place
Seven sacred banks aglow
Never what you know
Silence descends upon little hands
Shining those lightning bugs
Vanished from those in disbelief
Evermore they dance on shadows
In those banks of waterways
Hidden only from sight unseen
Those little ones menacingly kind
Little steps silently laid

almost fourteen years ago

Hi everyone - I have now updated the Oct 21st edition, to show the correct Issue number of 550.

almost fourteen years ago

Thank You so much PearleySky. The gratitude feeling is strong with me these last few days and I am able to express it to others as well. It is wonderful that so many of us are experiencing the same - I was sharing this with a friend the other day, saying that we don't seem to have individual lives any more - we just do what the universe propels us to do. The present moment is all we have. Love to all.

almost fourteen years ago

re: 10.21 Message: REMARKABLE Lani! I am grateful for your participation in this grand process with us. The messages resonate every cell in my body into forward movement - the insights and advice are profound for me, as I'm sure it is for others as well. I am so grateful for this energy alignment & cloaking. Thank you Lani, Orem and Star Elders. Deep peace & beauty to all!

almost fourteen years ago

Hi Audrey - my feeling as the words came through was in relation to epigenetics, i.e. our environment - people's emotions, the atmosphere around us, some of us received a shock as we grew from babies to children, a bit like learning Santa is not a real person, which knocked us out of alignment. Actually what I have discovered is that just as we now know Earth is not of the Milky Way galaxy but somehow was shifted to it, some osteopaths know that a lot of the population is out of alignment from the atlas bone not in its proper position. There is a linkup I am sure, and some osteopaths are also realigning people! If we were brought up by pessimists that can affect us. Other things like being told that something is really good to eat then discovering in fact it is harmful. These affect us into the cells, emotions, many layers that I don't know how to define. But beneath it all is our true self and this is what we are given in these transmissions, to align to our point of origin. Thanks for your questions. Love to you xxx

almost fourteen years ago

Hi Lani,

Thank you.

Do you have anymore insight as to what is meant by:

"Many of you experienced a great shift when you were evolving through your age process. Some of this was considered to be beyond your control and others of the changes were considered to be out of ignorance of the conditions and the pattern of life. Whatever the reason and circumstance, you are here with the sense that you understand where you have come from - meaning that the influences upon you shaped you in a certain way and many of you also recognise that beneath all that is the true self and this is what is coming forward now as you."