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Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost ten years ago

Myrtle, what you describes ties in exactly with what I have seen happening in people coming for PEMF Aureon treatments! and the recent messages. Somehow we just need to allow the changes to materialise in and evidently through the physical body now that the energy has been changed.

Keep the comments coming, everybody!
with you in Light Energy Information.

almost ten years ago

Hi last 24 hours I have glanced at the digital clock ...first time it read 21:21. I woke twice in night...first time it was 12:12 and second it was 04.04. The numbers jump out at me...I feel they have a meaning..does anyone have any information ?

After listening to the latest
message last night I woke this morning seeing a room...which I realised was a cell in my body...and understood that there had been some renovation done on it..and all the other cells. A big machine with blades had swept around clearing out all debris...removing loose debris from cell walls and floor and ceiling...the cell felt like the inside of a drum...very very dry and clean and I understood the purpose of the cleaning was to enable a clearer more accurate pure vibration to come through to me from source and then to resonate out into the worlds of all those I contact..
I have felt peaceful and energised all day.
I got the flu earlier this week and was forced to lie in bed for two days.I think this also happened to enable the clearing out work to take place efficiently and effectively.

In love and faith that we really are on a journey...Myrtle.

almost ten years ago

Amazing strong energy last couple of days, feeling Pure and really peeling off the old layers of stuff and disturbances from body, just as #725. I was prompted to link with everyone I have treated with the PEMF Aureon, connecting to a higher energy. Also, during a massage felt completely turned around, head where the feet were. My massuese also noticed the difference. Its an interesting time!

almost ten years ago

Leigh - wonderful! This morning, Sunday, while listening again I felt changed! So it really is working on great levels - or should I say we are all working / connecting on great levels :) :D

almost ten years ago

I went in very deeply as always with this last message however was brought out right at the end with a powerful sense of having been with my spiritual light family. I felt filled and nourished and loved. And indeed when I listened to it again today in full consciousness, that was the case. Blessings

almost ten years ago

- sorry the link earlier given didn't work.

Here is a message from Anrita Melchizedek, of the Pleiadian & Melchizedek Light Network:

We are embraced within the Diamond, Golden and White Flame of Divine Love as we listen to the Crystalline sonic vibratory frequencies of “Unfolding Secrets ~ Symphony of the Heart”. The heavenly musical compositions of Marco Missinato and the angelic soprano vocals of Kristin Hoffman is expressed in frequencies of purity and Divine Love that take us ever deeper into our own hearts as the wayshowers in this Golden Age of Light.

Additionally, this Flame of Divine Love lifts us into the higher dimensional octaves of Light, with a deeper knowing of our own magnificence and Light as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and multidimensional Master Beings of Light.

The 144,000 Open Hearts Concert (yesterday) formed part of a beautiful planetary activity of Light that creates a vortex of Divine Love, linking into the Sedona vortex of Light, and from here, into the Sedona Crystalline City of Light.

As this graceful dance creates a harmonic rebalancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes, the twelve Crystalline Cities of Light associated with the primary chakras of Mother Earth anchor and activate more deeply within the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love.

This Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love surrounds us and all Life through the geometric, holographic, sonic and fractal matrix of Light flowing through and within this multi-universe and connects us to one another as we walk the Pathway of Christ Consciousness and our collective hearts dreaming.

The Crystalline Cities of Light, also known as higher-dimensional Cities of Light, anchored energetically on this Earth plane in 104 000 BC. In 104 000 B.C., through the collective signature of One Unity Consciousness from the Cosmic Heart and Divine Flame of Eternal Light of Mother/Father God, a call was put out across all dimensions and galaxies requesting 144 000 Light Beings to physically embody onto Earth, and to anchor the frequencies of the Law of One through the three-fold flame and heart center of every atom and molecule on this Earth plane.

These 144 000 Beings of Light stepped down their vibration to take on earthly form and many of you were part of this core group, or subsequent waves of this core group, who chose to be of service to Mother Earth and all her Life. At that Now moment, the knowing of our collective hearts dreaming anchored through the Crystalline Cities of Light and into the Crystalline matrix of the New Earth templates.

The Crystalline Cities of Light embody the energy of pure, Divine Love, peace and harmony, and act as a dimensional gateway for many of the Beings of Light from On High to connect with the awakened Souls on this Earth plane.

In Golden Ages of Light, many initiates of Light would find themselves walking up a spiral of crystal stairs, into a beautiful Crystalline City of Light.

Greeted by Christed extra-terrestrials and higher dimensional Light Beings they would experience various Healing Chambers of Light, celestial musical transmissions, interdimensional creations of art, and peace embassies. A place of golden fountains, seas and lakes, dolphin birthing chambers, schools of spiritual enlightenment, nature reserves and advanced healing technologies.

As we are lifted into each Crystalline City of Light, we are offered the opportunity to experience the energy of 12 Spiritual archetypes that amplify our hearts dreaming, taking us ever deeper along the Pathway of Divine Love.

These Spiritual archetypes are activated and integrated within our energy field and hologram as we experience various Chambers of Light.

These archetypal Chambers of Light are multicolored laser light grids containing a unique vibratory signature brought through by our Star Brothers and Sisters, and in particular, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians and the Brotherhood of the Light.

As these Crystalline Cities of Light activate within and through the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love, and these Light codes of creation are made available to us, we embrace Mother Earth and all her Life in the Diamond, Golden and White Flame of Divine Love, so that all Life may experience these fifth dimensional frequencies and the knowing of their hearts dreaming as we co-create Heaven on Earth.

almost ten years ago

Hello All...feeling a new existence coming upon me weekly now,,,often am in states of strong energy and creativity and can do things so quickly and easily,,,hassle free, Have to consciously connect in each day but then just get on with it,
One of the things I have been noticing for for a couple of weeks that each time I look at the digital clock the numbers are the same,,,for example ithis morning when I woke it was 4 .44am, when I finish something at work I notice time is 2.22pm for example. I feel as if I am living in a new way,,,that I am synchronized into the new energy and working along these numerical lines,,,Also when I wake from sleep I am catching glimpses of images (this morning at 4.44 I noticed there was a dolphin reaching half out of the water,,,consciously connecting with the land.,,making contact . Also I feel an exceptionally strong inner knowing or guidance,,,so when I woke Sun morning about to do all the activities I had planned...I knew this was not the plan...Inwas to stay at some gardening and be quiet and still because energy work was being done on me,,,sure enough I woke Mon morning in a state of great joy and clarity....Sun had been recalibration time.
Love to all on the journey...

almost ten years ago

Crystalline Cities!

sorry its such a long link to copy and paste!
its interesting information

almost ten years ago

Amazing Myrtle. Powerful. I can feel it through your words!

This morning listening to #722 I felt I had a breakthrough - me, my essence as energy, going well beyond normal boundaries, as if I had become clear enough to do that, and then bring it back into me again.

almost ten years ago

Hello All...thought I would check in with you all...have been very up and down energetically...but over last few days been feeling very spiritually connected in and have strong vital energy pulsing through me. reminder how important it is to make quiet time each day to check in. Yesterday I had a completely new experience in meditation,,,,a long cylinder of a sea green/sea blue colour crystal..was placed in my arms....nothing I have ever seen before and I was told it is from the inner earth and has the power to transmit energy from me to all those on the planet who are not open to receive the new energy,,,consciously or unconsciously. This is a subterranean crystal which pulses up from under the sea and across the earth andvaffects the cellular structure.of such people who come into contact with me....opening it to love and feelings of oneness...even if they have totally rejected those concepts in their life, I was told in a joking way that itbis how we are winningnover orvat least neutralising the tenemy ....saw an image of a war planning office.
I felt this last message from Orem was very different also...opening up totally different dimensional thinking...challenging to a 3 d person like me.Anyway...take care all....Myrtle,