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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

over eleven years ago

I was asked to speak to a group in Warkworth, NZ, last Saturday on the Blueprint and the updates we have been receiving.
You can listen to it on this page:

Afterwards I introduced them to the Tapping sequence to bring the new update into the physical body.
This was interesting because after this I could see strong blue energy with each one, and in particular energy travelling into the spinal column, and two other people saw/felt this as well.

Comments from the group since then have been that they feel happier and brighter, so it has definitely had an uplifting effect on us.
with you all - Lani

over eleven years ago

Thank you Sky. I guess now you are in your new place. I can feel your love!
Blessings to you, Lani

Sky Pedersen
over eleven years ago

Hi Lani ~ I just wanted to thank you for the transmissions - as always they are stunning. I wanted to share that my life has changed so much, especially in this last month, that I hardly recognize myself when I slow down long enough to pay attention ;) My whole life has absolutely flip flopped and my internal changes are very significant. My ability to remember to connect multiple times daily to my point of origin and the star elders flows with ease and I cannot but help notice the 'feeling' of the connection. Their phrases and the way they word things is so very familiar to my own messaging of 19 years. I am about to move into a very gorgeously mountained area, with the ocean a mile away. The town is completely surrounded my the most gorgeous & powerful mountains here in Alaska. I'm excited to connect & just 'be' there in this process we are all sharing because of your dedication to the messages & processes. Thank you dear Lani. xxooxx Sky