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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

eleven and a half years ago

Hi Lani and everyone who tunes into the Thursday night energy from the Star Elders, Orem and Ulea.

Wanted to share my sense of wonder at the huge energy change that happened for me end of May. First sign was the rapid manifesting taking place- it has happened about 4 times- my thoughts come into reality. First time I was looking at a particular tree in neighbours' garden that was blocking light from my garden and thinking - as I do every winter- how good it would be if it would blow down - though I love it- it was very old and very tall. A week later I woke to see workmen taking it down. Better still- they gave me all the sawdust and mulched branches for my garden- so the tree lives on. And my garden has much more light. When I think how I need help - it materializes.

Then I noticed in my meditations a really marked buzzing in my core - solar plexus- stomach and lower stomach area. Happens each time. There is heaps of energy moving in and around my body - centred there.

Often when I have felt exhausted I wake the next morning exceptionally alert, bright and energetic.

In my last meditation I was in a pure deep yellow sphere of light- then I saw it was the yellow of an old fashioned lighthouse shining it's light in the pitch black- my energy as a lightworker and light house is changing- strengthening.

Not sure of the significance of the yellow light- rather than the white light...but for the moment it is clear fine deep yellow. Sometimes I have felt rapid energy waves all around me sweeping me along in life- and I feel like I am in the middle of a rapid swollen river- just racing across the land in it's bed.

Love to All- Myrtle.

almost twelve years ago

The messages continue to assist with the great expansion this past month and what an amazing month it has been! The potentials contained within Issue #631 are happily mind-boggling especially this:
~~~You might think about your dwelling places on Earth as it is now as a physical but perhaps inert structure, but in the newer dwelling spaces of light they respond to frequencies of the occupant and will meld and adjust and work with the aspect of the unit there, creating a healthy place to reside in, to rest in, to be creative in, as part of the whole formation of a new aspect for the Earth consciousness to evolve into.~~~
It is becoming easier to visualise what I sense about the other dimensions so close now and having the weekly transmissions certainly helps with finding my bearings. Thank you Lani!

almost twelve years ago

Hi everyone, there has been a lot to process recently with the shift in energy over the last two months. Are you feeling different? Do you sense the difference around you? As you absorb the energy you should be sensing the clarity around you with increased energy.
Issue 630 - During this session when the energy came to bring us into the present, I experienced a shattering into like shards of glass or mirror, dropping away from me and dissolving in the energy beneath me. This has occurred during my experiencing the transmission each morning.

The Light Beings see our potential and really are helping us realise that. So, keep linking in :)