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Discussion January 2011

Jan 20, 2011

Please share your realisations, comments, experiences relating to your journey.

thirteen and a half years ago

Hi all - I have been asking for 12 years where and when my true mate is coming, used to often be told in meditation that as fast as I was putting it out there and calling one in my higher self was quashing the call as my soul knew how much faster I could do my spiritual work on my own - guess the stage I was at emotionally meant that too much energy went into the relationship. I have been angry and annoyed about this absence of a mate for years but over the past year it has fallen away as an issue.

As for head drape - what does this mean? I often get a sense of physical pressure around the forehead. nose, cheeks of face when I am getting information- either in meditation or elsewhere ... The sensation is much more subtle these days and I figure i am more finely aligned and attuned.

On this last full moon meditation I felt an emerald green crystal - vivid and deep in it's power- being placed into my third eye and then a very intense vivid blue/violet flowed through crown chakra into my whole body - penetrated deeply- I felt myself moving to a higher vibration.

At work the next day I made a lot of thinking break throughs very quickly and got the message there was so much more to open up to in my life besides work- and to make work less important- it would happen and I would do it easily _ but it was time to put my energy elsewhere.

That's me for the moment- enjoying my life in a way I never have- all the very little things- like a conversation with a person on the street make me feel life is rich and alive and exciting. Long may it last- respiratory cough still there but not so troublesome.

Love to all

thirteen and a half years ago

Greetings Lani and Others - Happy New Year!

I too have been experiencing respiratory issues. In October I had an upper respiratory infection, it went away and then came back in December. Also have had some stomach issues. Locomotive too (but this (the locomotive issue) is sort of an ongoing healing for me at the moment).

I recently was shown (this past Mon or Tues in U.S. time) what I took to be a beating heart (not a human one)and as I was watching it, a 2nd "heart-thing" with a different shape and a faster heart rate became apparent and at the time I couldn't figure out if it was an outcropping or what it was. My first instinct was to slow the 2nd heartbeat down, but I didn't actually attempt that. I've been trying to figure out what that was, and now realize it must be the heart of the 2nd body spoken of in this transmission. I could draw this better than I can explain it. Also, does anyone ever get the head-drape? I do, and I got it before seeing this.

I have also been getting distinct feelings/ reassurances that the issues I have been dealing with are over and done with. And I truly felt that, really for the first time. They simply aren't worth the trouble and I suddenly find myself much less troubled by them, regardless of any actual outcome. Those things just don't matter to me so I'm okay with whatever comes my way.

Thanks to you, Lani, and your connections, as always. I hope you (and everyone) feel better soon.

thirteen and a half years ago

Whee, so glad to hear I'm not the only one dealing with relationship challenges. Where are our True mates going forward? Do they exist? Where, when will we hook up with them ... in the physical?! I'm so ready to leave solitude and aloneness behind. When is this going to shift in my (our?) energy fields?

thirteen and a half years ago

Thanks so much for this message Myrtle. sorry, I see I needed to edit it a little.
I feel your excitement and very interested in your sighting! I wish I had seen it too.
Yes what you saw in meditation is what we were shown in the transmission.
Also, I have had ongoing sinusitis for a couple of months, particularly annoying this last week, wind blowing from the west seems to aggravate it - moulds and spores from the bush I guess. It is also linked in my awareness to me mixing potions as a child with ti-tree leaves and flowers - so have been using Teatree essential oil - and my Dad and our purpose handed to me when he passed. Orem/Star Elders say much is in our energy fields and this too is such, as is the final clearance needed of the respiratory disorder you are experiencing. When it is bad I feel anger and this is linked with a relationship which I am working to release. When I consciously use the crystalline energy / matrix, I feel clear.

I am contacting the people who come to the evening group to begin again Thursday 13 January.

With you All in this expansion.

thirteen and a half years ago

Hello Lani and everyone and happy new year

Thank you Lani for responding so quickly to your urge to reconnect- it is deeply wondrously reassuring to have an explanation for all the strange things that are happenning in my life- like ending up with bronchitis on Xmas Day- in the middle of our summer- just not being able to shake off a cough that has come and gone for months, reconnecting with a partner of 30 years ago and a small interaction triggering enormous rage and distress in me - and now 8 weeks later all that has evaporated in a puff. I have been taking all opportunities to bath in the sea and feeling alive and vital doing so- though the cough and bronchitis gets worse. But I do feel I need to do it as it enables important positive changes in my electrical circuitry. And last night I had my first ever sighting ( In this physical earth dimension) of an orange light hovering overhead coming closer- but once I got into my car . which unfortunately I had to get into and it rapidly moved

  up into the sky and disappeared.

Also had experience in meditation of my solar plexus being a portal through I saw a swirling grey mass and understood I was looking at somethhing to do with beginnings of earth- and how my beginnings of my eternal soul were connected - almost one and the same- and now reading this transmission I think i was seeing the earth being spun out of the orbit and place it was meant to be. Lots of love to all the sisters and brothers on this journey,

Love to all on this exciting

thirteen and a half years ago

Happy New Year Lani! Welcome Back! I appreciate the January 4, 2011 transmission. I drew very inward over the last 2 weeks only to emerge (to re-enter the outer work world) feeling very disoriented and ungrounded. So I reallllly appreciated waking up to this transmission. Thank you!

thirteen and a half years ago

Greetings in 2011 in our time measurement. I withdrew into a still place for a time and now feel the pull to emerge again and Reconnect. I look forward to bringing through the energy messages again and to your participation. With You ......