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Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

over eleven years ago

Last 2 issues were very very encouraging. Going deeper and deeper.

I also appreciated your "long talk" Lani.

As always, thank you very much.

over eleven years ago

Hi Myrtle - and everyone
It has certainly been a strange week and I am not surprised you were forced to be still, Myrtle, for as Orem says, when we are at rest the greatest energy adjustments and processing take place.
I have experienced a range of emotions, especially feeling close to crying, but no real reason for it. Also looking around me and feeling things have changed - better - newer..
One of the Star Elders has been close to me for a few weeks, showing his form, rather than just as a light form, so close in our denseness that he has the appearance of a breathing/filter mask on.
Also Myrtle, I identify with you in the disinterest in the activities of the general world - THEIR reality.
Enjoy feeling the Power :) !!
Love and light, Lani

over eleven years ago

Hello All
I thought I would share some sensations I have been experiencing. I feel lighter in the head- it feels as though I am moving up and away from the third dimension- moving through the ethers but not yet in 5 th dimension. I had a glimpse of a solid white spaceship I think - visible only in the dimension other than the third - when I was travelling through the ethers.
In meditation now my third eye is a really powerful entry and exit point- it can shine a light like a torch that penetrates a very very long way- I am even a bit shocked and a little scared of how powerful the area is- like the rest of me is weaker than it.

I have had very bad asthma this week-worse for a long time- immobilises me-so it is a strange contrast- but being still has made me more aware of the vibrational changes in my body. My lower half feels 100 per cent crystaline - not sure where top half is yet.
I feel myself detaching a lot more from the world's worries and the intensity of what goes on down here - relationships etc.
Lani - I liked your long talk at the beginning of the last session- and understood about the energy in the words and going back to them and receiving energy you may not have been ready for.

Lots of love to All.


over eleven years ago

#639 - such great clarification in this one - and I am experiencing stronger and clearer energy, especially these last couple of days Saturday/Sunday, 18/19th August.
Is anyone else?

over eleven years ago

Wow Lani! Just read the Aug 9th message and it's a doozy. I'm sooooo ready to give up my usual dailys and yet be more connected to the present greater awareness. Yahoo. This morning my usual morning tune-in was quite long (46 minutes as opposed to the usual 20 or 25)and once again I felt on the border of almost-asleep-but-not. This has been happening lately quite frequently. Very powerful and I would bet this morning's was connected with this transmission though I did not consciously focus on that (I just read it as I mentioned). Lots of connection through my feet as well. This was also a great reminder to bring in all probables and parellels in a conscious way. Myrtle, what a great vision! I too have had to deal with over-controllers, both personally and at work. I also have felt a release of that. Plus, you wrote about the fish experience last month too I think - I loved that one, thanks. :)

Thank you Lani! This was very exciting.

over eleven years ago

Myrtle, I too have had a struggle this past week with a female, and the message referred to people trying to control, and locked into the physical world - well, I fully understood that part! Clearer this afternoon. :) the power in the messages certainly helps me too :)
The golden sparkling energy felt very strong in the room during the Star Elders'message. Such joy!

over eleven years ago

Hello All- I have been struggling with issues in my immediate life of an unfairness dealt out to me in employment situation. It has been eating away at me and I was getting into a negative state about it over the last few weeks.

Last night- just after I listened to the message I got an image that I had been standing on a mirror- the floor was a mirror and it was reflecting back and intensifying the 3 D earth based life I was in and also intensifying the malice this person had for me (She was like the wicked step mother in the 7 dwarfs fairytale).

Suddenly the mirror cracked - and then broke into pieces that fell away sideways and I saw that below my feet was infinity....a deep spacious dark welcoming void of endless possibility. I had lost touch with it. Wonderful.

Thanks so much Lani for the power of your messages.