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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost eleven years ago

Issue 591 - Remember to infuse your drinking water with the essence of the Universal Matrix

almost eleven years ago

Greetings all - I woke the morning after this last transmission feeling a beautiful gentle peace and calm over my whole body. It was so lovely I wanted to hold onto it forever.

I do feel there has been some major step or finalization of my body energy system to a crystalline one .

Last week when going into a meditative state I became aware of a huge ice shelf above my head- it was Antarctic ice- with all the layers of compacted formation over the eons. The strange thing was it's place above my head rather than below me. My feet were covered to the ankles in fresh melted water - things seemed to be out of order and moved around somehow .
Then I got the message to move up into the ice itself- so I shuffled my body right up and into the layers of the ice shell- noticing there was plenty of space and that I could breathe- when I was fully surrounded by ice- feet included- I was told to open and absorb it's energy which I did and then finished the meditation.
The next day when I meditated I saw all the cells of my body full of tiny granulated white ice particles which were each crystalline . I realised they had been transmitted to me from the ice meditation the day before. They were shiny and partly translucent. Then I saw a long thin black arched rod with a hint of red coming through my body energy system and it was beginning the tuning of the crystalline particles.
So I have the definite feeling things are moving and changes happening. Lots of love to Lani and everyone out there.