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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost nine years ago

How is everyone feeling with the changing energy?
Yesterday, Monday 20th in New Zealand, I just was not my usual happy self. All day, disturbed, low motivation, comfort food eating!!
Today, Tuesday, listened to message #765 again and am now connected again and with Orem and Ulea active in the Station delivering packages of information?? to lots of people coming in.
Thank you ! With you in love joy energy.

almost nine years ago

Hi Lani,
All I can really say after listening to #765 is Wow! The Earth seeding words settling in as a golden timeless moment of quietly knowing. Now to allow that too unfurl as a sweet rose within me. Last week's message mentioned about being driven to connect in with your transmissions and that certainly has been true for me for 12 years and it gives me spirit bumps to feel the long ago gathering of those of us driven to do so.
Thank you for also being driven to connect weekly with Orem and our fellow Beings of Light family!
So much love,

Rita Federico
almost nine years ago

I just completed this recent transmission after listening several times and I am so grateful to be able to expand my consciousness using this loving, knowing, and nurturing content. At the same time, I am becoming aware that my identity with my physical/personality self is slowly disappearing. Through this process and in the beginning, I could not sense where I was going and who I was that was moving. Now, I feel that I am stronger, more solidified with my Innate Body and Body of Light. I am coming closer to what I always wished this life would be about. I can see and feel the potential of moving into another level of my work and service on Earth. I continue to be grateful to Nancy, who led me to Omega Transmissions and Lani. I am grateful to Orem and The Brotherhood of Light for facilitating my journey. Thank you. Love, Rita