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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost fourteen years ago

Myrtle - I feel for you and acknowledge we need physical assistance, hence my regular BodyTalk treatments which is clearing my mother's emotional pain and going back another generation as well.

The last few days have been wonderful sensing/knowing the Command vessels are here, today - ongoing since thursday afternoon - there is one, not visible to normal vision, above me and I am aware of several around the planet. After a period of frustration, indecision, anger, - all those emotions we were told about in 540, those emotions have gone, leaving wonder and joy.

almost fourteen years ago

Hi All - just loved the imagery of the small amethyst crystals in Sky\'s jawbone and in between her teeth. Nice to think that in that very gutteral place - our mouths - there are energies of such beauty. I do not normally have dreams that I remember but am having a lot lately -some are very old emotional relationship wounds - being relived in slightly different circumstances. When I told a close friend about one relating to how I felt about something she was doing 25 years ago she too had had a parallel dream the same night about something I had done that had upset her. Felt as though it was a clearing out of the emotional blocks - in my dream I was utterly distraught and crying and felt powerless. Not much fun having a dead child dream. I feel for you Sky with how spun out you have been - and the lack of understanding by many professionals. Take care. I had to go on anti depressants to get through my grief issues these last 6 months - will start trying to come off them soon now that my loved one 's health crisis has passed. I had to get over the feeling that it was a big failure that I couldn't use my spiritual skills to keep steady in my grief - I had been finding it very hard to go about my daily life and work even though I had all the meditation tools which I was using but they only provided temporary relief - a few hours later I would be in the raw desperate hole again. Then my grandmother who died before I was born came to me one night - I woke to a sense that she was with me in the room and showed me a picture of her I knew well (where she looked sad and strained) and said she had been in grief over the death of her child for 16 years by the time of that photo and I didn't have to go through this now. I should take pills and get on with my life as there was much to do. I was very surprised and hadn't even thought of going on anti depressants. But I went to the doctor the next morning and have felt so so so much better. We might have spiritual tools that help us but we are only human and sometimes things just get too much for our human bodies and nervous systems. That is how I have come to think about things. Love to all.