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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

fourteen and a half years ago

Great to read other\'s comments. Not only have I Had more and more glimpses of Myrtle in a purple cloak - a side kick of St Germain I think - a herbalist - and had lots of material coming my way such as a book given to me by Susun Weed describing weeds that are really powerful food and medicine such as chickweed, stinging nettle, dandelion. I also have had many visions of me as a woman in other times - attractive, vital, energetic, fun, an oracle ( I think) - in Ancient Greece times - by a deep deep blue sea - feeling so powerful and released and relaxed - ever since I heard of the \'oracel of depphi\' I havde been excited and drawn to the words. I have been resezrching and I now know that many women held that role in over hundreds of years - women chosen from local population for their skills - I think I may have been one of those women! When I read their teachings or messages - they sound so like the universal laws that we are relearning today - about peace and harmony and doing the non aggressive thing etc.

A few days ago a friend gave me a session iwth a numerologist and channeller of angel Michael for my birthday and low and behold she said I had been an oracle and had many lives in Ancient Greec, Mesopotomania and Altantis. Also seen myself around a particular temple in Atlantis - images of it have been coming for several years - and last week I felt I was being told, questioned as to whether I woudl consider setting up such a temple again here in New Zealand - on a cliff top by the sea where the last one was - and that a wealthy benefactor would provide the land. All a bit overwhelming. I am just sittign with things. The seeing yourself as a column Audrey - sounds amazing.

fourteen and a half years ago

For the past 2 weeks I have felt a lot more distant from my human self - watching and monitoring me. I had a number of problems with my computers and i phone- and I was overwhelmed and upset when things werent working and I was trying to make sense of what help desk people were saying. And I mulled on it for a few days and realised it comes from a part of me where I am a victim still. I am afraid and expect things to go wrong and that I cant fix them and I give up quickly. This was a big insight and very liberating. I seem to have solved the problmes within half a day of me realising that and so changing the belief to me being able to make these things work and understand how they work. Such a relief and liberataion to be out of victim mode on this one - I would not have thought I was a victim now in anything. I also hear my friends talking about things and feel I have an overview of what their problems are caused by - harder to work out how to support them in getting over them but I have much more of a bird\'s eye view of things going on down here on earth. More expanded and spacious and working with a bigger picture all the time. Many insights - when you are higher up above things. I also saw myself as Myrtle - a person I dont know too well - in a purple cloak - she has been a powerful woman in her times - psychic and an alchemist I think. Saw her in 2 guises. Still reflecting on her - is this a soul memory?

fourteen and a half years ago

Myrtle,Your vision as Myrtle relates to an aspect of you that has already achieved what you are aiming to be - just as is said in the messages. To see a vision like that also means that you have cleared those things which were preventing you from reconnecting to that level. you can give yourself a big pat on the back!

This week for me has been me become freer across my chest area, although I did not realise that I had been holding onto something until it was gone, and like you, feel powerful again and happy.
It seems that there are packets of typical emotions, fears, thoughts etc within the human consciousness field which are not particularly personal to us and when we can observe these from a higher level of our consciousness we see them as not part of us and we can come to our powerful self again.

fourteen and a half years ago

I too am experiencing opening in my chest ... together with a realization of Sovereignty in that my greatest fear in life has been \'to be able to take care of myself\'. Last night I realized this applied not only to the physical but to mastering personal power and Sovereignty, as well. I had a vision last night of my center column being whole and coherent (ordered, harmonized), and that it contained ALL of me ... all of me was here ... all of me had \"made it\". I realized that I HAD taken care of myself ... I had gotten all of myself together. I demonstrated to myself in doing this, my capability and personal power (vs. the fear I couldn\'t do this). These words don\'t quite convey the experience of the vision I had of my wholeness, containment, presence and mastery. With this came the realization and the commitment to be \"responsible\" for my power ... this time ... whereas in the past I had not been willing to (it was too much) or able to contain it, and would leak and dissipate it.

Now, to demonstrate it in conscious creation!

Veronica Torres\'s 9-9-9 channel from the Visionaries ( really speaks to the living of the wholeness of us (enSouled) in our daily lives. With the August 27, 2009 Omega transmission, I\'ve been doing this and realizing ...\"I can be ALL of me in any situation and no longer have to split myself between my \"spiritual-self\" and \"3D-personality-self\" depending on what situation I find myself (before it felt too vulnerable to be that Big and Bright). What a huge relief and realization!

I could go on and on. For instance, what about Orem and Company saying:

\"and so the undertaking is nearing fulfilment and when the great expansion of consciousness occurs across all of these beings gathered here with you, you will know that life has changed and you can take on a greater part and encompass the greater dimensional level of life.\"


I also want to mention and encourage everyone to take serious the promptings given in the transmissions to engage in certain exercises. I find I grow in leaps and bounds each week just by enacting those alone.

I would love to communicate with anyone following these Omega transmissions ... for discussion and fellowship.