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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost fourteen years ago

Thank you Lani for sharing about the crystalline upliftment -- it certainly shifted where I'm at! I moved back to Alaska two days ago - and my heart is beginning to sing again and I'm beginning to like I'm alive again. My heart has always been in Alaska and it taxes my being when I'm elsewhere. My roommate is a very good woman friend of mine. We met in 2002 on a very remote island here in Alaska. We make jokes about being Amazon women and she is in alignment with women's teachings. And what is even more perfect, is I didn't realize it was Thursday and when I check my email this morning, here is another lovely message from Lani (thank you Lani!!) that I haven't read yet. I love the anticipation before reading the message!

I have experienced these deep disconnections, including my children, that Doris speaks of. I just walked away from 56 years of my life - to begin a new storyline. I like Doris's open door dream, as I feel exactly the same. I have the whole Alaskan wilderness at my fingertips with some great company...I couldn't be happier and it's only going to escalate. Thank you, thank you Lani. These last couple of years have been grueling with two murders in my family, with my whole family structure collapsing. I feel like a bird that has been set free from the guilded cage. I can feel the excitement as well and I choose excitement/thrival as my way of life and I am so ready for the adventure!
Rich Blessings to my sistars!

almost fourteen years ago

Thanks Lani for this confirmation. I felt a great improvement this morning, I felt joy today, in a different and "balanced" way which lasted and is still with me, not like in the past when it was just a fleeting moment. Very deep shifts have happened in the last few months, a deep disconnection from everything and everybody, even from my children. I am observing the old energy patterns in people around me falling apart very quickly. I had a dream a few days ago and it showed me an open door. This is a great metaphor for me. I choose to walk through now, into what? I'm not quite sure but it feels exciting.
Much Love

almost fourteen years ago

Thanks Audrey.
This week I have noticed exhaustion amongst people around me, a little in me too, related to the deep changes around us. Yesterday morning I was taken on a journey into desert, i.e. away from civilisation, a journey for Women, guided by an Ancient Aboriginal Woman who works especially with women. We were exposed to yet another energy sequence which should now be showing its positive effects. Crystalline. Uplifting. If you have noticed an improvement in some way, this is the outcome of that special journey. I share this with all the women in my life, despite there being no specific details.
With you all.

almost fourteen years ago

Hi Lani, just want to pass along once again my heartfelt appreciation and love to you for bringing forth the transmissions.