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Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

Discussion August

Sep 2, 2010

Problems have been sorted out.


over ten years ago

I agree Myrtle. We have a lot of integration to do on multiple levels.
The reference at the end of my closing about energy coming down [thru crown chakra] into the sacral area, my BodyTalk practitioner says in their studies that area holds the DNA codes, so now I understand why I saw that energy coming in. This will help us sort through /process information etc. We must keep on and maintain our willingess to progress and unfold into the new structures.
Blessings to all.

over ten years ago

Hi All ~ when i was reading what Myrtle had written, i remembered two really intense dreams I had recently. One of them was about watching a child being dropped from a 4 story building by another child. I was trying to yell for help and I had become hoarse, so no voice. The fall killed the child. I tried to call the police so many times, and each time when i went to speak, nothing would come out. The other dream that happened the same night was about some upcoming dental work and when they were finally doing the work, they were showing me small amythyst crystals in my jawbone and in between my teeth. Both were explicit in their detail. In the last message Lani, when you spoke of merging with another, I got the same information the last time i brought a missive through. They have spoken of this process before and have had some interesting experiences with this \\\'other\\\', including it mentioning for me to go a particular beach, which i did. When I got there, \\\'he\\\' said, look down and there was a perfectly shaped heart rock. From that point on, I continued to find heart shaped rocks all over the island (Kodiak, Alaska). Thank you for sharing your information Lani, I so look forward to Thursday mornings :) and the information/processes. For most of this year, I have been \\\'spun out\\\' so hard, many times I could barely function. Of course the doctors don\\\'t understand the process and want to put me on disability. I would also like to inquire about what you know about these cities of light Lani and how they tie in with the processes we are going through.
thank you Lani!
deep peace

over ten years ago

Hi All Just woken this morning after reading last night\'s 539 message to recall a dream where I was a sole ant on the harbour bridge- travelling along a metal bracing with masses of traffic above, the sea below, hills and vegetation and houses and city buildings around and the huge vast blue sky above as well as some circling clouds- but my consciousness was aware of 2 things- the vibrations I could feel as I crawled along and the cold hard unfriendly texture of the metal. I wasn\'t even tuned into the group consciousness of other ants. Somehow I had got settled from them. And the message or knowing I had about the message was that I am like that ant in my understanding of the real and wider worlds in which I inhabit. Just don\'t have the tools in my physical body to know what the universe is really about. So no wonder it is so hard for me and us to grasp and believe - there are so few points of reference for an understanding of the \'real\' world we are a part of. Love to all.