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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost six years ago

Nancy, I too feel this was a significant energy message and seems to be what is called a phase shift. wonderful!

almost six years ago

Today's transmission #741 was a realm shifting experience. Hopefully, my words will convey the extent of what I wish to express here as giving words to the expansion of consciousness not always easy. Suffice to say that up until today when I listened to the different levels offered by Orem and the Star Elders, it was experienced as moving towards something that I wanted to expand into- what we have come to know as the edge of our consciousness. This was my greatest desire for some time now and do feel I have made great strides toward obtaining this. You see my words even give the "action" for how I felt this as moving towards what I do not yet have. That was the way of it until today as something occurred of great significance. I experienced this as both an understanding of new concepts and a physical polarity shift within me. Moving towards the edge of the consciousness field, I now sensed something completely new to my operating system where the edge of consciousness was flowing towards me! This is huge not only because my quest seems fulfilled on some level, but also because in this change from reaching toward that not yet known has now become standing tall in receivership. An understanding that in all ways imaginable everything comes to me. This must be what living in grace truly means.

It brings me great joy to know that this realm shift in my own world implies that all of us have walked across the threshold into a new harmony for our New Earth.

Thank you dear One for all that you do!

almost six years ago

Yes Myrtle and everyone we are going through difficult times and have to keep pushing and working hard to keep on track.

The Beings have told me that we are an organic machine, living energy machine, so what you saw makes sense to me.
I too have been feeling in a strange time, like my life is on hold, and I thought it was because I have a family member very close to dying.

So glad that you are sharing these feelings and visions Myrtle!

almost six years ago

In a recent meditation after listening to the transmission I became aware that I had broken through a barrier of some sort and was very very close to the Star Elders . I could see them and hear them (not with my ears). There were about 8 or 9 of them sitting along a curved table of sorts (bit like last supper paintings ) and I was below them – between me and the elders was a stream of water with twined rope borders. I was told to come up to the stream and put my hands in the water and they would put their energy into the water and transmit it to me that way – the water would be the conductor. I did it. I had the sense that the bottom rope border could come away – I had my hands on it at one stage and they said not to pull it away yet as I was not ready.

This morning I saw me standing upright with arms outstretched and the skin and flesh was peeling back right down my front from head to pelvis – and cracking open on arms and legs down the centre – it was peeled away most fully between head and heart – inside were lots of little cogs and wheels working in a chrystaline energy field. I felt almost half machine - strange.

It has been a difficult time personally with a family death and these meditations are very empowering and keep me on track – trusting and believing as I plod on. The energy holds me strong and lifts me. Also almost every time I have looked at the time over the last few days it has been identical digits eg. 21:21; 12:12; 07:07. It feels like a little reminder I am not alone and things are on track even though I feel a little lost at times and in a bit of a desert. I have to wait for things to unfold in the right time and trust there will be enough money etc. Love to everyone.

almost six years ago

Hi everyone - I recorded a message on Sep 5th and have only just been able to upload it from my computer. At this time I have not typed it up to upload it to the Omega website.