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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

Robin B
twelve and a half years ago

So much love in these transmissions!
Thankyou Lani, and all who are linked with us here.
We are becoming lighter and lighter....

Robin B
almost thirteen years ago

Wonderful! Again I experience BEING the words. They are emanating directly from my heart centre. I am the origin of the sound and energy, and I see and feel it reaching out to all beings, embracing and uplifting them, awakening the light within each one.
Every word is my self speaking, to me, and thus to all, for I contain the ALL.
In gratitude, love and joy. Thankyou to each and every one of you for all that you do to create this most beautiful reality we are sharing together.
May all of humanity know this great beauty.

almost thirteen years ago

~~~This journey may take you to the new edge of your Creation! :)

This one certainly did and it was the most wonderful and powerful experience on a long path of having many with you....and your extended 'family' :-)

I have had greater and greater visuals of seeing my future self and with this entrance into the portals today there was the new experience of catching up with that Self that words can't do justice to. Suffice to say I know you will know!

My gratitude to you only grows over the years and especially as we begin this new spiral of expansion.

Many Blessings, Nancy

almost thirteen years ago

Thank you Lani- yes things feel as though they are moving and speeding up rapidly- I spent Saturday in trauma-being told that i might have a very serious health condition. My whole body went into historic grief, numbness, fear - the same I had years ago after giving birth to a very ill child- - and then I came to understand over the next 48 hours that these feelings had been bought up to be cleared- they had been trapped in my body and were blocking my development.-the relief was huge- and just in that knowing they left my body. I
had the tests today - in a very relaxed fashion and they have
come back clear.
I also feel i am connecting in with my group of light workers- those with the same vibration. A group of workers with strong female energy- though it includes men. Lots of love to everyone on our paths-and to Lani especially.

almost thirteen years ago

We are moving through October at a fast pace.
I am copying part of my last post in September discussion here

We all are absorbing a great deal of energy information and it takes energy to integrate it [well, thats my personal experience :) ] Take the rest time that you need, during which you may feel you are in a deep inner space and being lifted up away from the planet - its to do with the change in consciousness.

This morning my experience of the place taken to was the energy system of the entire planet and its collective consciousness experiences, which I also relate to my personal energy field - its all connected.

So, everyone - I am with you in Light Energy Information.