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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

seven and a half years ago

Another wonderful transmission....I split into part went into a control room on a space station...silvery light....a few people standing talking...they were working on an overview planning type level...another went to an alcove where I sat alone in a chair with a purplish cloak around my shoulders was drawing a particular fine vibration into me,,,I sat there as the colour disappeared right into my body and the cloak drained to white,,,and the third was into an energy that was dark matter and I was in a much more energetic lively vibration...I had never felt it before....very optimist and creative and metallic I am very very tired..,feel ok but a bit detached from everything...watching myself and my to all

seven and a half years ago

Thank you dear Myrtle for your comments and appreciation. I am working with my particular codes too, to me they appear as layers visible in golden light that seemed to come into my heart centre and then third eye, and after listening to the message each time I feel stronger and clearer. I feel/see it going to different episodes in this life. Personal life is changing, but during this change my energy and motivation is quite low for me.

Ada -The Netherlands
seven and a half years ago

... I live with Orem and your messages. Am very pleased when Ulea appears, because than I can mostly understand what is told. The rest of the messages are quite difficult for me, but I trust the energy works well. And that that is the purpose of following them, but I can not tell much about them,...

... I felt a bit uncertain and now the new energy seems to get a bit of a new path, which is what is mentioned in your messages. But I had not thought it would appear in such for me wellknown things and things I always loved to do . . .

I often think of the times DeAnn ?? [in the 1990's - Lani] sent messages as well. I was impressed by the energy I always felt than . . . It has such a long time that you have so constantly suported us by sending the Omega Messages into the world! Great, great job dear Lani!!! I admire you!!!!

almost eight years ago

Hello All...taking the blueprint in was amazing...when Lani said there were beings each giving us our code or blueprint..i got a mishappen set of cardboard shoe boxes..
most unglamarous...but then they dropped away to reveal two beautiful stained glass church type windows ..vivid blue with vivid gold edging and while i was admiring them...they were pretty and intense and alluring...a huge cube of golden light pushed up through them and hit me full on in solar plexis..covering 3 lower shakeas..then a furled up koru(fern frond) coloured pale green and purple flew into throat chakra..and then i noticed my third eye with a very deep jewel which went through all colours of rainbow as I looked..i fekt an absence and looked down and there was a cardboard cut out of a large heart around my heart. shakra...but it wasnt activated..i realised or understood that it is not ready to take in the new energy ..blueprint yet...a few days earlier in meditation I saw myself as a bird struggling to fly but being held back by an overlarge wooden heart...was creating drag and heavy. I am just being with lots of emotions that have surfaced with historic family things coming up...anger and hurt and fear and depression...I trust they will pass feeling much less engaged with fears...less irritable with people...just being in gratitude in the moment and loving gaia and her beautiful verdant to all...i love hearing of others are a real the others i am so grateful to have been bought to your website...Myrtle .