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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost nine years ago

Issue 677 - The energy is so different in this one that I suggest you hold a crystal, or natural stone, during the message, so that it becomes charged with the new frequency for a tool for you.

almost nine years ago

Hi Lani an experience happened early this morning somewhere between 4.40 am and 6 am and thought I would tell you about it. I was drifting back to sleep after waking early when I woke with a jolt and felt strong presence and energy in the room. A blast of energy came, it felt as though it was directed to me from above, over my whole body for about 5 seconds. It freaked me out a bit I was aware of beings present in cloaks though I had my eyes closed. I felt like I was being lifted away from myself and heard an electronic sounding voice it seemed to be in and out of tune like when you turn the dial on a radio and crackling like fuzzy between stations as this happened I saw letters/words as if they were on a wall beside me with gold light behind them.I wasn't reading them I felt in shock because it was very strong and I hadn't been consciously meditating, and then it faded away and I felt the familiar energy again. I realised then I didn't need to feel scared I tried to tune back in but I they had gone. Not sure what was going on but definitely a new experience. !
I dreamt a bit later of returning to some of the beings I used to see, after I woke I had thoughts of the transformation and being temporarily here.
I have felt the last few weeks strong energy in the early hours of the morning when I wake and have had disrupted sleep patterns, not sleeping much at night.
You may not want to put it on the discussion page if I sound unsure about what happened I know there is fear around visitations and that may be why I was a bit scared. I might have been more shocked and surprised though.
Its being an interesting month :-)
Love Karen

almost nine years ago

After 657 I experienced a large amount of energy coming from my light body and washing over me at night. I had trouble sleeping on around the 20/21, tuned in and felt myself lift out of my body I was aware of my physical self and also my energy self and it felt like the two were moving back and forth my bedroom very small then very large. I remembered feeling the sensation as a child. Then it intensified. I went on to feel like I was moving in a forward vertical direction and lifted higher. I drifted into a very vivid dream where I was in an open landscape at night floating through the air long golden grass beneath me, a tall dark rock face to my left sheer and flat, and above the night sky, clear and beautiful. As I drifted up and along the landscape tilted in strange perspectives then opened up into a different scene of sea then clear water splashing on a lake edge pebbles and sand. On my left out to sea (again at night) was beautiful orange and magenta light expanding over the horizon. lots of white sails in the distance. I dont think I remember having a dream so vivid and hypnotic before.

over nine years ago

A couple of notable activities in the Light to report -
20 May 4 pm. Aware of being encircled by Light Beings, and consciously drew in the energy from Source through me to Earth.
21 May 3.50 am. Again aware of my body of light, powerful, lit up in my forehead/mind.
Again saw many of us in that other space referred to in my closing of Issue 675 and a vast down-pouring of light energy over us.
We begin our journey.
Did any one else have similar experiences these last couple of days?