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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost eight years ago

wow Myrtle! thanks so much for sharing this wonderful experience. It must be confirming to you that you are bringing in this great energy. its funny how we are shown so many different symbols - probably so that we will remember! Love and light energy!

almost eight years ago

Hello All- this recent communication was very powerful for me- as soon as I got into the receiving station someone called me over and started a game where our hands connected together ( encased in a flat object like a table tennis bat- and we were linking and delinking our hands and as we did it shoving and moving our energy bodies - a bit like stand up wrestling...very energising ... Then I greeted the many groups who came to see me - and work with me in a room with strong yellow light- but that lasted a short time before I went into a small alcove type room with. a blue energy light... And my head in my physical body started pulsing and thumping and I got a sharp pain behind my left eye ... That went on for a while and then I saw that a structure had been connected to my head- bigger than my head- two huge petal shapes came out of my forehead / side of head above ears and they enclosed a rectangular cylinder. The petals were receivers and inside the rectangle were two rods which converted the energy into a vibration my energetic body could tolerate... This structure was bringing in creative vibrations from a far off Galaxy ... That I would bring into earth- to assist in moving human consciousness on the planet forward in a rapid way. That is my understanding anyway... Love to All on this journey we are all taking. Thanks so much Lani.