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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost thirteen years ago

Hi All - reading the message tonight as I spend my third day recovering from a bad throat infection- have sensed it has happenned as my energy systems need down time for adjustment. Last week I had a number images of myself as a burning bush- when I was in my study working. Other times I sensed etherucally I was very tall energy form doing my work a fine blue central core. Tonight in meditation I was an eagle / human surveying the earth lands and I had a strange antennae coming out the top of my head lined up with the third eye. Thr antennae had 2 columns-bit like an energy saving light bulb- but could fold in two. Finally I felt/ saw huge amounts of clear quartz crystal had been packed around my throat-like it was just made of crystal quartz. I can see how all these changes mean we need down time. Today instead of going back to bed as I felt so tired and unwell II went into the garden- feeling very unwell- but it lifted my mental and physical energy so much-I have felt much better. Love to All- thank you Lani.


almost thirteen years ago

Wonderful as always! Thank you :) I was so ready for this transmission. As always however, I was taken out into a very deep state during it - I was aware in the beginning of the others - I saw them in what almost appeared to be big cocoons lining this huge chamber. Even the walls inside the communication chamber seemed to be more solid and almost metallic.
At around that point I was taken out and brought back to: "And so the physical form is now changed" and yet when I read the transcript it said "which allows them to come through into the Earth self, the physical body, again changing it." ....interesting. LOL