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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

over six years ago

This is so wonderful to hear about, Myrtle. We really need this, and we needed it long ago when Earth was hit with meteorites which introduced some bacterial and fungi not native to the land, and we have been trying to clear them ever since. I feel it has to be a consciousness level of clearing and filtering, just as you have realised in your writing here!
PS I also copied your comment into the omegacommunications facebook page for those who connect in through that way.

six and a half years ago

Hi all this session was very vivid and graphic. I had constant imagery coming in at Lani's words. I did see the meeting station with all sorts of different levels. I went to a platform with about 5 steps which took me towards a very dark navy blue like oval shaped energy centre. I had a glimpse of fear run through me going towards it but pushed on into its eye.. And as I moved through I realised the dark was only a thin outer layer . I was very shortly washed in a silvery brown and then a white light. That turned to orange, then lime green. Then red. And then a whole rain of very small sea shell and pebble fragments came flying through my light energy body. I under stood they were breaking it up to get rid of some big blocks ... Then they dropped into a very very fresh river beach estuary on earth and bright green plants with blade like leaves started growing in them and I understtod that these plants act as filters to keep the water flowing across the stones pure. I could see dark patches being caught in the plants and slowly over time they were breaking down and transforming. Then I was told that my role in the future is to be a guardian at one of the rivers of consciousness streaming onto the planet... Be a filtration system breaking up dark energy and keeping those broken bits among the reeds... So they don't enter into the main consciousness energies of the planet. ....and that is how the consciousness will slowly become elevated and pure. Guardians are needed at every estuary where a river or stream runs into the sea of consciousness.. I am a guardian of one. Thank you Lani. It is wonderful to have such imagery to help me understand my role. Love to All.

six and a half years ago

Hello All.
It is mid winter here in NZ and a wonderful time to focus inward.... I have been feeling stronger and steadier.... Last weeks words hit me in the solar plexus... I could feel them physically making an impact... A change for the better. And I had a glimpse of being treated in a large light room where walls and ceiling were made of a substance like glass but it is part of the crystalline grid ... I was lying horizontally... As I have seen myself before... Suspended about three quarters up the room height..: my days have more joy more peace my irritations pass much quicker I stay with my down times and they clear rapidly... Never more than a days duration... And I feel more loving and thankful for myself... The new energy is settling a lot more into me and my life... Hope everyone else is also feeling the benefits...