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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost eleven years ago

Sky - walking with you in Light. This year / month I have had completion of two entanglements - one ending with person going to prison, the other with the passing into spirit, leaving me feeling freer and clearer again. The entangling link-ups, whether they are friendships, working relationships or other that we choose to take on or allow to occur [often for other people] need to be fully cleared and this year seems to be the year for that.

I found tapping out the anxiety about court appearances really helped me. - Just a hint for you :)

almost eleven years ago

Hi Lani and All

In these last couple of months I have felt that a lot of my personal emotional barriers and issues have fallen away from me leaving clarity, vitality and strength. There has been a major shift in me-I can only describe it as feeling less emotionally affected and more detached from other people's problems-including my childrens-but also more compassionate and wiser and effective.

I did have one day of heaviness and sadness but when I recognised the cause I let my sorrow out snd realised I had been suppressing it. Two days later I had shifted to a much stronger position in myself.

In my work I can feel a sense that my words and being are touching into other people's minds and hearts...and stirring a recognition in them...of a new world they want to be part of.....a world that is caring and loving and which they want to act to bring about.
I get feedback from others indicating this.

Your messages are working their magic on me Lani-I feel like I am being empowered to commence doing that which I have come to do.Love to you and All.

Sky Pedersen
almost eleven years ago

the past few transmissions have been especially intense for me as life has done a 360 degree turn - everything is new - my clothing, my home, my car, people have been removed (jail) in my life, with a person from 30 years ago reappearing in my life. I look in the mirror and am not surfed who is peering back ;) I believe you call it -re~positioned Lani. I have also had a series of very bizarre experiences. Issues in my family have been popping up like firecrackers ~ my car had a panic attack and ran away from it's parking space, backed up in a perfect parking position and continued to move forward, very narrowly missing a huge propane tank, 20+ mail boxes, 20+ electric meters, and came to rest along a chain link fence and 3 inches away from a building (with the meters on the side). Out of everything that COULD have happened, the outcome was the best possible...not to mention, that the fence my car came to rest upon, was my new landlords fence...I had moved in the day before. My insurance will cover the damages. My car came out of the ordeal pretty much unscathed - a little bit of road rash on the front bumper - no broken headlights/blinkers, no body damage. It's like i'm sitting back, watching the world around me in its movements - rather intense and starting, but no damages. I also had a domestic violence situation with a man who has been in my life for the past 2 years - he is in jail and I am faced with multiple court appearances. He also is holding my belongings 'hostage' in another state. I know he has been 'removed' and I am fully ready to move forward. It's been rather intense, am am definitely feeling completely guided into a new position.
thank you Lani for sharing your work with us
deep peace to everyone

almost eleven years ago

Issue 685 - This energy infusion reminds us that true full healing arises from the full acceptance and integration of the upgraded matrix and continual immersion in the Source energy. Anything you may be taking/doing to clear issues from you needs this energy, which in effect lifts us into a higher state where the disorders have no presence.

With you in light energy information - Lani

almost eleven years ago

Hi - wow Lani I saw two bright orange red lights in the sky this evening around 8pm. The first one was slowly moving across the sky no sound the size of a street light it blinked a bit then vanished It was the distance a small plane would be up in the sky it seemed to shrink into a bright red smaller light then vanished. I went inside to get my ph and message someone and when I came out I saw another one larger this time moving in the same direction it was closer than the one before. I raced inside to get my camera and managed to get a pic that didn't come out so good. It disappeared in the same space as the other one had. I sent love to it in my thoughts and then I realized I was shaking and felt an adrenalin rush which soon turned into feeling elated and happy and excited for the rest of the evening I am still feeling like this. Just wanted to share with you this experience as Ive never seen the ships before and am excited.

[Refer Issue 683 - "We have around this Station many individual spheres of light, or small vessels, which contain Beings who oversee the exchange of information through the matrix around the Earth pattern. " - Lani]

over eleven years ago

Greetings - the last few transmissions have been very intense, and #683 in particular, as I listened to it myself this morning brought about a vibration in my body and tears of joy to receive such assistance.

Regarding the times we were asked to bring the essence of the crystalline cities into Earth, initially I was drawn to Lake Taupo, and then to embrace all of New Zealand and parts of Australia, but subsequently it was from the level of the Station, and radiating the essence into the matrix surrounding Earth. From there it will be drawn into all the cities as needed.

Did the upgrade infusion into the spine, #682, help anyone? Was that significant?

With you in Joy, Light, Energy, Information