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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

eight and a half years ago

Likewise, Happy New Year to all. I have been quite "disconnected" since 11.11.11, and have just let that be as it is, trusting in my own process. Glad to be able to tune in again now though. Yes, a lovely transmission. My cloak was a deep crimson velvet with a number 4 on the back which then changed to number 5. Thankyou Lani. Love and Blessings, Robin

eight and a half years ago

Happy New Year Everyone- Hard to believe 2012 has finally come. That was a very powerful transmission- my cloak was a beautiful plum colour lined with gold with pale blue collar and emerald green front lapels- and the room I went to was so fillled with light with huge high ceilings and golden light everywhere. And a couple of very tall loving and wise men walking around in it. Love to All

eight and a half years ago

Happy New Year to all my companions :)
We begin our first meeting for transmissions on Thursday 19th at 8 pm

I have been working with the last message in December every day - many shifts and clearances, even this morning. This year will be filled with many awesome experiences as we shift into clearer energy and our systems respond to restore balance and effective processing of it.

With love .....

PS sorry about the difficult reCapthca words - I am having to cycle through a lot to find some I can interpret!