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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

ten and a half years ago

Hello All...wonderful to read of your experiences vivid and real....and reassuring to me as I don't get such direct contact from the beings..
...these last 4 months of the year have been a challenge of extreme tiredness and emotional vulnerability...I have needed so much rest, stillness, down time and I have felt myself drawing away ...not wanting to talk on phone.or in depth with people....taking work day by day and just getting by....but at same time sensing strongly that all is on track. Those feelings have got much harder in recent weeks.I have felt overwhelmed by the struggle of daily living...fatigue..though not losing faith we were moving forward...
But then three weeks or so ago I have been aware of information being transmitted to me and I could feel it happening on a physical level.. there has been intense downloading of energies of joy and happiness...anchoring in myself (most strongly around heart chakra) and thru me into the earth...but I didn't feel any better over all.
Now I know why...
the download had displaced lots of old negative experiences and, belief systems that have been active in my energy field for eons....they surfaced and formed a hard crust around my outer body...trapping me in sorrow, sadness, much of it I have felt flattened for days...... then I started to see glimpses and feel moments of my heart expanding into limitless joy and love...I have felt pure love of all those around me -people in shops, on bus, in street, work, and I have felt their drawing towards me ...opening and softening in response to the gentle unconditional love emanating from my heart enveloping me and them in a new vibration...but mostly it has still been a grey struggle...the only way I have coped is to surrender completely and allow myself to be swept along in the current trusting I would be ok and protected from danger as I haven't even had energy to direct my life...

then a big change yesterday when resting after yoga I had a sense of freefalling ...I had fallen off something and was falling in space...feeling waiting for the fatal terrifying crash...but then I was asked...what are you afraid of...stop screaming and flailing about and take control...there is nothing to crash have fallen into the emptiness past form ..start working with it..being with it and creating with it..this is life...real life..there is nothing to fear...I felt rather foolish and settled down pretty coming to my senses... I stopped falling and took control of being with the energy.
a few minutes later...still in the same meditation I saw myself sitting in grim depression slumped in a chair..and felt depressed realising the real me had not changed..I was still stuck with the disconnected greyness...but as I watched that outline of my grim depressed body suddenly broke up into 1000 pieces....and there was just space, air, energy...I was free of form..there was just energy...I feel something major has happened...
Today I came home from a solstice ceremony...and my outside glass table top was lying smashed into literally 1000's of small pieces ...just the metal frame standing....I have no idea how it could have happened....I feel a lightness - a peace and serenity...but still very tired...and so the journey goes on.....Love to All on our journey...Myrtle and special thanks to Lani...

ten and a half years ago

To all of you who check in here to receive the Podcasts and post messages and who are not on my email list -
I wish you a wonderful holiday season at the close of 2012 and
Thank you for sharing
Your time and energy to be with
us during this year's transmissions

With Love Light Energy and
Information in you in every
Dimension - Lani
And all through the Omega Portal
I look forward to sharing
more with you on our Journey
in 2014

Next scheduled meeting when we gather is January 16th - but there will be messages before then, I am sure :)

ten and a half years ago

I've been finding the imprint really interesting and its opening thoughts and meaning for me. Ive been to the ship a few times and visualised the key and opened what seems like empty space with it but its not. There's an Orb and scrolls and books but I am interested in the orb, its golden about the size of an ostrich egg. The first time, I saw it in the universe and I thought of it like a seed then there were three of them in a row. The next time I went I saw it in the universe again and it was a seed smaller this time it became a bud closed and the petals opened like a lotus shape around each petal became another larger one so the lotus was expanding beyond itself. In each petal expanded to form archways of coloured light which I understood to be living light energy and I thought about elements for creation,blueprint codes for dimensional light and dimensional spaces. The universe is all around the petal becomes embedded in the third eye of a face and I recognise this as the seed or soul essence energy of me, not the face but the flower, I am a seed of energy. I understand that it is telling me things and it will tell me more. I HAVE TO PAINT THIS! its so beautiful I hope I can do it justice. When I saw it all I was in total peace and it was like Ah yes I know this I remember now :-)
Thank you lani for the transmissions and the evolving of us :-) x
Love Karen