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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost nine years ago

That is so interesting Rita... I see an arena too.. Oval shaped and absolutely massive... Maybe millions of people... It is very wide at top yes.,.. I am in same area each time ... Have more intense connection with Orem and star elders than with te countless other light beings.... I am with quite a small group of others and we are intensely schooled and developed for our work in bringing light to planet. I have made progress.... Was sat on couch alone with two of them talking with me... I was resistant... Next time I checked in I was using the workers door entering another auditorium that is separate but close to the arena, so I am working in this auditorium ... Learning the ropes I think.... I look to be in my human body in this other place...

Rita Federico
almost nine years ago

I would like to come forth and share how I see the vessel of Light called the Station of Light. I see it as an arena shaped like an inverted lampshade if you will. At the bottom it is smaller and at the top much wider. Within this arena are crystalline chairs that are transparent. These chairs encircle many levels until they reach the very top of this Light Station. Our Light Bodies take their place in these chairs as we receive the frequencies of Orem, The Star Elders, Ulea. I have envisioned this arrangement almost from the beginning of my participation in these transmissions. Thank you Lani for asking us to share how we see the Station of Light as a Vessel.

almost nine years ago

In the middle of change this week to do with crystals. First person, remote PEMF treatment, had big crystal placed in her back, for her entire spine. Second person, with me for a PEMF treatment had a crystal pulled from her heart chakra, examined, cleansed, recharged and placed back. Third person, myself, had a crystal in 3rd eye area cleared and recharged and replaced. Fourth person had the same thing happen in her solar plexus chakra. I wonder what would happen if we had a tuning fork??? :)