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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost ten years ago

Sorry everyone I have not been able to bring through the transmission on Thursday August 28 and I am not sure yet about sep 4. I am sure you will continue to get energy and messages from the recent issues. With you all in the energy :)

almost ten years ago

Hello All...I havent seen you yet Lani but I will look out for you. I havent recognised anyone in my time in the communication chamber or specialist rooms in the city of light. I had lots of buzzing in my solar plexis when listening to the last recording. Having had an eagle lift me into the air by holding my exposed brains in its talons in a recent dream
...recently I woke to it gently gliding in to alight near me. it isnt threatening. but I wonder what the symbolism means. Also in meditation my skull feels like it has become chalky
and porous ....not sure what is going on. Yesterday I meditated three times...each sit the energy was more the third I was being thrown around a room.of intense positive yellow was too small to contain it...then suddently the back wall was blown off or pushed away and there was a huge tunnel of light coming up from what I think was hollow earth..I was in direct contact with the energy...was flooding through me...though my body wasnt able to hold all that much of it. I have been very tired since...though also when I walk I feel very bouncy.
It feels as though things are speeding up...on the move..i have a generalised fear and tension too.I think it is about stepping up to do what I came to do...that time is coming closer...though I cannot see the actual steps to take...all strength to everyone of their jurney

almost ten years ago

I realise that some of the concepts, visions, energy we experience in the ongoing transmissions are difficult to comprehend by us at present, yet they must be meaning something to us, otherwise they would not be given to us.

Issue #738 is fascinating - speaking about the shift in consciousness happening now, and the intricate linkup in the communications throughout multi dimensions. Fascinating.
Again, we are reminded to use the energy for self healing - yay!!! I work with it everyday, but am still seeking to see more changes in myself. My Light Body is perfect :)

Have you seen me in the receiving area, or elsewhere in the Station? A friend told me recently that she has seen me there. I am impressed by that! Usually I am aware of other people there, but haven't taken notice to recognise anyone.

with you all in The Energy :)