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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

almost eleven years ago

Hi all-today in my meditation I opened my crown chakra and drew the energy through my central core and I could see ( inner sight) a white misty energy column with these shapes -musical key shapes spread out in the mist-I had the knowing they were keys -my keys of higher knowledge-waiting to be activated-they have always been there but this is the first time I had actually seen them. They are definitely switched off at the moment-but at least they have come into my vision.
I think I need more time in nature-body exercise-meditation-time alone-and time in loving positivity with others -and restating intention to come to do what I came to do and to be of service in the way that best utilises my skills-and to work with all those others wanting a better world too.
Love to everyone listening to the messages. I hope you too have been feeling lighter and brighter as we move away from March equinox.

over eleven years ago

Wow, that was a doozie! I loved your introduction too, Lani, really great. Nice new Star Elders picture as well! As always, thanks for the new issue.