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Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

Discussion April

Apr 28, 2011

The April discussion is open - 

over thirteen years ago

Hi All- like Leigh I feel a real shift in terms of centredness, poise and contentment and often flows of joy. I catch myself when I fall out of the present and start fretting about possible future events or going over negative past happenings. I can pull myself back to this place of strength and joy within minutes- it is wonderful- a few years ago I lived continually between past and future- being in the present is a wonderful gift - helped along a great deal by Orem and the Star Elders and Ulea. Love to All love to Lani.

over thirteen years ago

So wonderful - thanks again blessed brothers and sisters of Light! I was tuning in to the DNA and it was just so clear that the DNA in my body is no longer human DNA and a very strong message that 12 strands were strongly activated. As I connected in to it, it instantly connected me to the stars and the wonderful feeling of being one with the Universe and beyond:)
Everything seems to be much more balanced - no more massive rushes of energy to knock me over a bit, just a wonderful underlying feeling of joy, poise and bliss despite what may be going on around me. In Love and Light

over thirteen years ago

Leigh, such great shifts! Fantastic. I feel this too, and clarity. Each time I listen to #571 I experience deep feeling / tears as more gets released and turned into wisdom, and more Light. I attended a weekend workshop with Dr John Veltheim, founder of and he explained this in terms of quantum physics, and also so much of what Orem and Star Elders + have been giving us to experience.
With you all in Light Energy Information

over thirteen years ago

Wow - what a wonderful shift! I can really feel the energy strongly connecting in to the point of origin at the base of the spine like never before and a very clear line running out from that in front of me, so energy flowing down from the Universal Matrix, through the spine and then out in front into creation.
Such a wonderful feeling of Grace and perfection, balance and Joy. Even my daughter (4) is being overwhelmed at times with Love and every 5-10 minutes is having to tell me she loves me then I can see the Love well up in her and she has to hug! :) She has also begun to talk about the energies as she sees them with beautiful colours and patterns. For a 4 year old to describe patterns on picture she drew of me as "the energy that you use to heal people and things" and "the light and energy that makes things glow and shine" is amazing.
It is so hard to do justice with words to what is actually being felt but it is truly Divine!
Thanks Lani, Orem and Star Elders!!!