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Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.

over thirteen years ago

Greetings everyone. Since Issue 566 I have noticed a change in myself, taller, thinner, operating on a different level of awareness. A friend visiting on Sunday also is changed, taller, thinner, more in command of her energy and her actions working with the higher energy. Monday morning during my linkup I became aware of a huge crystalline-looking pyramid shape above my home - a vessel of light - with a feeling that energy will come through it as well as drawing us up. A little while later as I was driving, a smaller version was in my energy field approx. 3rd eye area, being synchronised with the greater vessel.

I share this because you will also be feeling these changes.

With you all - L E I

over thirteen years ago

About Christchurch- in a meditation about 3 days after the quake I had an image of a huge fan keeping the shock and despair moving up and out of the city- so the energy would not get stuck in horror and depression and despair. The fan was being energized by prayer and kind and loving focus and was keeping the space above the city light and open so that the new energies could come in and penetrate and descend.

I see on TV tonight all the focus is on stories of love, kindness, positivity, survival miracles, every day life when drinking clean water, finding a port a loo and Finding and sharing food and having somewhere safe and dry to sleep is all that matters. I wonder if these people will not lead the way for the rest of us- teach us how to be when our time comes.
Love to all in Christchurch and everywhere else on Gaia.

over thirteen years ago

Well Pearley Sky- that is all so fascinating. I have been drawn to the night sky for several years- recall when night fell one isolated beach holiday each evening - I was drawn very powerfully to go outside and look at the night sky- I would always be specially drawn to the constellation I now know as the Pleides- such a pretty little grouping that I would see as a small fishing net- and I would feel such overwhelming joy and love just looking at it... so energized .... This was all quite unconscious- now I know I was connecting in with beings full of love from that constellation.

Christchurch- well I felt a numbness for days beforehand- and Now I see people who have been so violently thrown about yesterday and now no homes - no water, no food, no sanitation - queuing dazed for water for half a day - looking so numb. Mass trauma .... Everyone a story of shock and trauma- it feels as though things are changing forever...... will the earth stop at this quake..... I doubt it. I try to move into the celebration of earth's ascenscion. But it is hard.
Lots of love to all the sisters and brothers out there.

over thirteen years ago

Watching with heartfelt compassion what is going on in Christchurch. It brings tears to my eyes how people help each other in situations like this, it was the same when the floods happened in Australia. We are all in this together….

Yes, I felt the earthquake too, I always do. After the massive Solar Flare we had in the last 2 weeks it doesn’t come as a great surprise. Gaia is shaking off some pretty imbalanced energies.

Looking forward to tomorrows transmission. I felt a great shift after integrating the last two. Thank you Lani and hugs to you and your family and all the people in NZ.


over thirteen years ago

As all the world will know, Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand has suffered major damage and deaths in severe earthquakes. I felt something was happening 24 hours before, and another person in the group experienced emotional trauma several days before and knew that she was filtering off some of the emotional trauma.

In calling for help from Orem and the Command, I aw an energy 'staff' put into the earth and had the impression that it would dissipate some of the shockwaves. I am sure we will hear of people who knew not to venture in Christchurch city centre that day - a reminder that when we are tuned in we hear the messages we need to hear.

I will be opening the portal again as usual tomorrow evening.
with you all, L.E.I. - Light Energy Information

over thirteen years ago

Hello Everyone; I have noticed ever since I read about the 'device' in a recent message, that I am experiencing heat waves that are very fluid, hot and seem to generate/activate in the spine/dna.

In referral to the 'stations of light', I have been watching a star-like 'light' in the night skies for the past couple of years. I only recently peered into this 'light' with binoculars these past couple of months. It is such a mezmerizing 'station of light'. I can think of no better name for it, and when I read it in Lani's message, I knew that is what it is. It is an eye shape, vertical - it has mulitudes of points of light that move in their own pulsing patterns. Beneath the points of light, are usually two pastel hues, which interweave and move rather like northern lights (maybe southern lights down under?), like sheets of dual color shimmering frequencies unto us and unto earth. I also had the experience of viewing through the binoculars and noticed a 'black substance', which also shows up in my photography at times. Shortly, this black substance viewed me in return...and before I knew it, it was draped over the end of my binoculars. It was looking at me...and I was looking at it. I can't describe what that feeling was like! I can't call it good or bad....just such a strong sense of 'being seen'. For some reason, it also reminded me of an octopus.

I always see it in the eastern skies. Most times, it does not move degrees (not sure what else to call it)but it does move....pulses just like the orbs/light beings that show up in my photography. It feels like their may be a connection. I am so drawn to view it when there isn't cloud cover.

I have also viewed some other stars that had this unusual 'twinkling' ability. They appear the same but not as clear because of the distance.

Another thing I notice is that when i first view the night sky lights, is that it's very blurred at first and then the visual clears considerably - but the focus comes from the light, not from me.

I also notice, when darkness falls, that if I am busy with something, I can feel the 'light' pulling on me, catching my attention. I have this same feeling when I am impulsed to take photos of the light beings. This light also 'pulses', just as the orbs do. There have been two times where I distinctly saw myriads of individual faces - mostly human. Last night, it seemed to be a serpent face at one point, peering at me.

Another pecularity - i was at a friends place, who has a deck overlooking the channel. He had some stronger binoculars and a portable telescope. I used his binoculars to look at the light mass. It did not look like it did in my binoculars (same as with cameras) but looked very distinctly like a friend of mine who also takes orb pictures on the east coast USA. They are completely different from the ones that come through my camera. With the orbs, one of their forms of communication is that they will 'show' you something in their interiors that that you will recognize and you know it's about and for you specifically. These things are always very personal. The 'light station' is doing the same thing but differently.

Anyone else having any experiences along these lines?

And great messages Lani. Something seems to have shifted in them. I love the way that there are always pieces and parts of information that fit into the information that comes through me. I love the interweavings. Thank you for all that you do for us.
Bright Blessings

over thirteen years ago

Issue 565 is rather noisy - firstly there is the chorus of cicadas in the heat here. and then I got interrupted after the Star Elders began speaking, and the volume control was altered after I began again so you may have to adjust your volume control.

The the last two messages are very meaningful for me and three of us have noticed losing balance and gastric disturbances. The last week has seen a big improvement in my emotional balance as well.
As always - with you in light energy information.