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Omega Communications

Inner journey experiences to the Station of Light for your expansion of consciousness and uplifting energy.


Jan 16, 2020


Omega Communications has a facebook page where you can listen to or read and print the latest episodes. It will be easier for you to post comments there, or you may email comments to me.

Search YouTube for Omega...

Jan 16, 2020

Issue 1000  Jan 16 2020  - In the Station of Light Orem and Galactic Beings speak higher field dynamic co-creation...

Jan 9, 2020

#999 - Jan 9 2020 - Orem and An-Tur speak about elements changing, manifestation, shields and fields - the crystalline/quartz upgrade through Sun

Jan 2, 2020

#998 Jan 2 2020  Orem and Ulea in the Station of Light continue assisting you and your inner terrain. ..

Dec 26, 2019

Issue #997 December 26 2019

More information about the connecting nodes and what they hold for you.